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Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow, is the ninth Treasure Hunt side-activity featured in the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As all other Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts, Go With the Flow, becomes available when you reach Prosperity, early in the game.

The main difference between this Treasure Hunt and Burning Souls, The Best Laid Plans and Rescuers Go Under, for example; is that Go With the Flow has a starting point located in a cave. Furthermore, to complete it, you need to do some exploration.

Below we’ll reveal all the steps you have to take in order to find the secret treasure room and the hidden stash in Go With The Flow mission.

Treasure Hunt Location

Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt starts inside a cave, located just south of the Greasemonkey’s Cage; however, it ends in a different cave, east of Eden’s Pyre.

The starting point can be observed on the following map.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With The Flow Treasure Hunt Location

When you reach the location on our map, look for a small cave located near the upper end of a zip line across the river nearby. You can also see it in the following screenshot.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With The Flow Treasure Hunt Cave Location

Look for this cave to start the treasure hunt

Journal Page Location

Approach the said cave and after you clear the area, look for a Journal Page, next to a lantern, on some crates.

“Finally! The last day of moving all my stuff to my new spot down the river.

What a relief. It’s such a long trip. I’m so glad I set up those campsites to take breaks along the way. I had to put up flags to mark each spot too after animals messed my camps up and I got lost. Ugh.

But I’m almost there! Just one more batch of things to carry. Jingle-jangle goes the key. I can’t wait!”

Far Cry New Dawn Go With The Flow Note Location

Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow Walkthrough

The Journal Note provides an important clue regarding the treasure you need to find. It’s down the river.

However, before looking for the Go With the Flow hidden stash, you need to retrieve a key, which will eventually grant access to the treasure room.

Exit the cave and use the zip line to slide on the other side of the river. The key is located next to the other end of the zip line, on the left side. You can see it in the following picture, near a fire.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With The Flow Key Location

Pick up this key

Get the River Stash Key, then head down the river. Cross the wooden bridge nearby, then descend the small hill in the picture below; but stay close to the water.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

Follow the river down this hill

Keep moving along the river’s shore, until you reach a waterfall. Notice the broken bridge above it, similar to the one in the following picture.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

Find this waterfall

While standing on top of the waterfall, jump in the river below, and when you emerge from the water, look for a cave on the left-side shore while facing the river.

It’s quite easy to find using our screenshot.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow Hidden Cave Location

The hidden stash is inside this cave

In this specific cave, you’ll see a gate. Use the key you found earlier to access the Treasure Room and the Go With The Flow hidden stash.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With The Flow Treasure Location

Make sure you pick up all goodies inside the treasure room

Hidden Stash Rewards

Once inside the cave, loot everything. Don’t leave the location without the Perk Magazines and the following Crafting Materials:

Name Amount
Duct Tape 204
Far Cry Credits
Spring 206
Gears 204
Perk Magazine 3
Components 201
Solvent 2
Copper 76
Blasting Cap 4


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