Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Walkthrough

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Jerome Comes Home Side Mission

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Walkthrough

Jerome Comes Home is a Far Cry: New Dawn side mission at the end of which you have the chance to unlock a new Gun for Hire named Pastor Jerome; to assist you while exploring Hope County.

In the latest title from Ubisoft‘s popular video games series, this side-mission can be played the moment you reach Prosperity after you complete Gear Up.

Jerome Comes Home is a Rank 1 mission and it is quite accessible, especially if you previously unlocked Timber by finishing the Man Eat Dog World side mission.

If you didn’t have the chance to free the cute dog, then you can opt to assign Carmina Rye or Hurk Drubman Jr. as your companion.

When you’re ready to start Jerome Comes Home head to the location marked on our map below, which goes by the name of Ramone’s Lookout.

Ramone’s Lookout is one of the 101 Looting Locations featured in Far Cry: New Dawn for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You should be able to find it east of Rye & Daughter Aviation, south-west of Broken Signal and south of The Chop Shop Outpost.

Far Cry: New Dawn Ramone's Lookout

When you approach Ramone’s Lookout, start by scouting the area and if you have Timber, send him to take out as many Highwaymen as you can.

This will help you level up Timber’s skills early in the game. Alternatively, you can simply open fire while remaining in cover.

The area is protected by Rank 1 enemies so you won’t have too many problems in clearing it. Once all enemies have been dealt with, look for Jerome’s apprentice walking around the small pond nearby.

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Wiki Guide 1

Talk to Jerome’s friend

Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he and Pastor Jerome took a truck from the Highwaymen and while he managed to escape, Jerome was captured.

Your goal is quite simple here. Find Pastor Jerome.

Reach the Convoy Crash Site

When you receive this objective, open your map and you’ll see a new marker pointing east from your current location, on the road leading to Kellet’s Howl.

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Wiki Guide 2

Drive to the new marker

Get a car and drive to the marker.

When you get there, on the right side of the road you should see a damaged truck close to the river.

Find Clues About the Convoy

Approach the crash site and go around the truck, following the blood trail on the ground.

Notice that close to the river is a body and next to it is a note.

Read the Highwayman Orders, to find out where Pastor Jerome is being held captive.

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Wiki Guide 3

Read the note by the river

Liberate Jerome from the Convoy

Now, open your map and you should notice that the Highwaymen took Pastor Jerome to Kellet’s Howl, which is down the road from your current location.

Slowly approach this camp and scout it to notice that the Highwaymen have a strong presence here.

While these enemies don’t pose a threat, the moment they spot you, Jerome’s convoy will start moving.

A good approach here is to stay close to your car and make the convoy move, ignoring the enemies at Kellet’s Howl; however, you can also try to take as many of them out, silently.

Regardless, when the convoy starts moving, you have to find a vehicle and follow it.

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Wiki Guide 4

Keep an eye on the convoy

During the chase sequence, you have many options. You can try shooting the driver, or you can try to ram the truck.

If you don’t succeed, simply stay behind the truck and follow it, because it will eventually stop at a location known as Rye & Daughter Aviation.

When it does, exit the car and send your companion to attack the enemies.

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Wiki Guide 5

Use your Guns for Hire to deal with the Highwaymen

Take out the remaining Highwaymen to clear the area.

Liberate Jerome from the Highwaymen

Once you finally take out all Highwaymen head to the truck and open it to free Jerome.

Far Cry: New Dawn Jerome Comes Home Wiki Guide 6

Free Jerome

Before talking to him, you should look around as there are 3 hostages you can free here. Each of them will award 1 Perk Point, so make sure you set them free.

Talk to Jermoe

After you free the prisoners, find Jerome and talk to him.

Grateful, the old pastor will join your cause and help you deal with the Twins.

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