Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar Walkthrough

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: To Love a Boar Side Mission

Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar Walkthrough

To Love a Boar is a Far Cry: New Dawn side mission at the end of which you get the chance to unlock a new Gun for Hire in the latest title from Ubisoft‘s popular video games series.

Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar is a Rank 2 mission which might prove difficult to complete alone; especially if you attempt it after you reach Prosperity and finish Gear Up story mission.

Because of that, if you want to unlock Horatio, the Wild Boar early in the videogame, you should first focus on unlocking other Guns for Hire to help you free Horatio.

Timber, Pastor Jerome, Carmina Rye, and even Hurk Drubman Jr. are all good choices. Furthermore, you might want to get some Rank 2 weapons before starting To Love a Boar.

After you equip correspondingly, travel to Elsinore Farm, east of Misery Falls, west of Bonecrusher Pit and north of The Pantry Outpost.

Elsinore Farm is one of the 101 Looting Locations featured in the video game, and you can see it on the map below.

Far Cry: New Dawn Elsinore Farm

When you approach Elsinore Farm in Far Cry: New Dawn you’ll notice that this location features a large house, a garden in the back and a pen.

Unfortunately, the area is heavily guarded by the Highwaymen, so you’ll have to either clear it or simply focus on your objective. To free Horatio.

Investigate the Shed

Depending on the companion you picked, you can choose your approach. Keep in mind that Horation is in the shed outside; therefore you don’t actually have to engage the hostiles inside the house.

An offensive approach also works, if you prefer to deal with the Highwaymen directly; however, you can also stealthily kill the enemies outside; ignoring those in the house.

Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar Wiki Guide 1

Clear the cabin or ignore the enemies inside

Regardless of how you choose to approach this area, there are 2 Highwaymen you can’t ignore. Both of them are pictured below and they guard the shed outside.

This is where you’ll find Horatio and you can’t avoid them.

Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar Wiki Guide 2

Take out the guards in front of the shed

A good approach here is to try to take them out silently, or to send Timber to deal with them; however, the latter option will alarm all enemies in the area.

Your choice again depends mostly on your playstyle and the companion you have picked.

In case of a direct conflict, remember that headshots are mandatory, especially on enemies of a higher rank or those wearing shields.

After you deal with the two gaurds, go to the shed and shoot down the lock to free Horatio.

Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar Wiki Guide 3

Destroy the lock

Pet Horatio

Once freed, Horatio will head to the garden in the back, to find his master.

Follow him, then approach the boar and pet him by pressing the corresponding button.

Far Cry: New Dawn To Love a Boar Wiki Guide 4

Pet Horatio

Happy that he found you, Horatio will join your roster and you can call him whenever you want.

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