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Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Components Stashes Locations: Kellet’s Howl

Far Cry: New Dawn Components Locations

Kellet’s Howl is also included in the list of Far Cry: New Dawn‘s 101 Locations you have to visit if you want to get Total Completion in the videogame published by Ubisoft.

Far Cry: New Dawn Kellet’s Howl is an important landmark you can explore in free-roam or during Jerome Comes Home side mission.

At this location, Pastor Jerome is being held captive by the Highwaymen.

After you finish the said mission, you can return to Kellet’s Howl and find 6 Components Stashes which will grant you more Components.

These materials are needed to craft Weapons.

Kellet’s Howl Location

Kellet’s Howl is located south-east of the Ramone’s Lookout and south of Dead Dog Hill.

You can see the landmark on the following map.
Far Cry: New Dawn Kellet's Howl

Hidden Components Stashes Locations

To fully control this location you need to find all 6 hidden Components Stashes, listed in the following table.

Components Stash Location
1 By some blue barrels in the yard, next to the fuel pumps
2 Behind a blue workbench near the fuel pumps
3 Near an engine close to the elevated car
4 On some barrels next to the blue container with graffiti on it
5 On the right side of the hangar next to a white fuel container
6 Above the same white container near several blue barrels


After you get all Components Stashes at Kellet’s Howl, the location is marked as explored.

Remember that there are additional boxes to be found such as a large crate near the sixth stash. It contains Copper and Blasting Cap.

Last but not least, there is a lot of Titanium to be found here. Check the Safe near the last stash listed above (close to some tires) to find 19 Titanium Bars.

On the other side of the hangar behind the workbench, you’ll find another Safe under some smaller suspended barrels. You have to destroy the wooden planks blocking it and inside you’ll find 15 Titanium Bars.

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