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Far Cry New Dawn Guns for Hire: Pastor Jerome

Far Cry: New Dawn Pastor Jerome LocationPastor Jerome is a Gun for Hire featured in Far Cry: New Dawn, the videogame published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4Xbox One and PC.

Pastor Jerome is also a returning character in Far Cry: New Dawn.

He first appeared in Far Cry 5 where he was a Roman Catholic priest in Hope County and a friend of Joseph Seed.

Later Joseph Seed became his biggest enemy.

The former war veteran and sergeant Jerome Jeffries returns in Far Cry: New Dawn as a Gun for Hire looking to help the Captain and Prosperity.


Name Jerome Jeffries
Nationality American
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Appearances Far Cry Absolution, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn
Age 45 (Far Cry 5), 62 (Far Cry New Dawn)
Voiced By Martin Roach
Role Gun for Hire
Class Berserker

How to Unlock Pastor Jerome

In Far Cry: New Dawn, Pastor Jerome can be unlocked by completing the side mission named Jerome Comes Home.

Although Pastor Jerome is being held captive at Kellet’s Howl (pictured below), the mission begins at Ramone’s Lookout, and it ends at Rye & Daughter Aviation.

Far Cry: New Dawn Kellet's HowlHow to Recruit Pastor Jerome

You can recruit Jerome Jeffries from the game’s Roster.

Open the Main Menu, then check the Roster tab.

Select Jerome and press the corresponding button to assign him as your Gun for Hire.

How to Upgrade Pastor Jerome

A berserker, Pastor Jerome uses a shotgun as his primary weapon, but you can improve his skills; thus allowing him to better assist you.

Skill Name Requirement Effect
Vehicle N/A Jerome uses his own motorcycle when called
Holy Fire 15 Kills Jerome throws a Molotov cocktail
Blessed Bullets 40 Kills Jerome uses incendiary ammo


In order to upgrade Pastor Jerome in Far Cry: New Dawn make sure that you assign him as your Gun for Hire and help him get the required number of kills listed above.

You can do that by sending him to kill specific enemies after you tag them.

Additionally, you can increase Jerome’s rank by upgrading the Training Camp at Prosperity.

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