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Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Man Eat Dog World Side Mission

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Wiki Guide

Man Eat Dog World is a Far Cry: New Dawn side mission which allows you to unlock another Gun for Hire in the latest title from Ubisoft‘s popular video games series.

Although you’ll encounter a Rank 3 enemy in this mission, you can start Man Eat Dog World, the moment you reach Prosperity at the end of Gear Up story mission.

Before starting though, make sure you equip correspondingly and get some weapons of higher rank.

When you’re ready, head to Meatfort, one of the 101 Looting Locations to begin Man Eat Dog World in Far Cry: New Dawn.

Meatfort is a key-location and you’ll find it east of the Broken Forge. You can also see it on the map below.

Far Cry: New Dawn MeatfortWhen you get close enough, Man Eat Dog World side-mission triggers, and you’ll have the chance to find Timber.

Find the Dog

Approach the front gate of the compound known as Meatfort and head inside, but stay alert because in the building nearby you’ll encounter 2 Highwaymen slaughtering a dog.

One of them, as you can see below, is a Rank 3, so you should take out the weakest one first then the strongest one.

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Walkthrough 1

Take out both enemies inside the compound

Headshots allow you to reduce your enemy’s health bar faster.

Once you kill both Highwaymen, check the left gate to spot a room with many cages. Inside one of them, awaits your new partner Timber.

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Walkthrough 2

Pet Timber

Pet the Scared Dog

Approach Timber and pet him on the head. As you can notice he’s quite friendly and he also has something to show you.

To complete this mission, you’ll have to free the other dogs in the compound; however, as you can guess you don’t have the key to open their cages.

Luckily, Timber knows where the key is and he’ll show you.

Find What the Dog Wants

Exit the room where you found the cages and jump over the metal wall in front of you (pictured below).

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Walkthrough 3

Jump over this wall

Take a right turn, shoot the wooden planks, then crouch and enter the next room. Right in front of you, there are 2 wooden crates.

Jump on them and climb on the blue rope above. Notice that Timber will always show you the way.

When you reach the upper platform, take a right turn and walk on the pipes to get close to a smaller wall with more blue ropes.

Use them to go up.

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Walkthrough 4

Follow the pipes and climb the wall

Now, on the left side, you should see more ropes above a gate. Climb them, then move on the cages, following Timber below.

Eventually, you’ll reach a plank like the one below.

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Walkthrough 5

Run-jump on the cages

Here, you’ll have to run-jump on the other side, then take a left turn and run-jump again.

Next, move forward, then turn left and jump on the next cages (also pictured).

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Walkthrough 6

Jump again on these cages

Finally, drop through the hole on the cage in front of you, then turn around to spot a dead dog.

Crouch and approach this dog to see the Master Cage Key you need to free the other dogs.

Far Cry: New Dawn Man Eat Dog World Master Cage Key Location

Get the Master Cage Key

Get the key, then drop through the hole behind the dog, to get to the ground floor.

Now, unlock the cage door, and return to the room where you found Timber.

Liberate the Dog’s Buddies

In this room, you’ll have to use the Master Cage Key and open the two cages where Timber’s friends are being held captive.

Once you do that, return to Timber and pet him once more to complete the mission.

Now that you have unlocked Timber, make sure you assign him as a Gun for Hire, especially when you go hunting for the 25 Animals in Far Cry: New Dawn, as he will help you mark them faster.

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