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God Of War Valkyrie Guide: How To Kill Olrun (Alfheim)

God Of War Olrun

If you are an offensive player then defeating Olrun, the Alfheim Valkyrie in God of War is going to be pretty tricky. You need to be very patient and need to figure out her moves and attacks before taking her on. In this God of War guide, we are going to walk you through how you can kill Olrun effectively.

Before you start the fight there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind that can help you. First, you need to fill your Runic attack meters. Use Runic attacks to start the encounter with the Valkrie as they are vulnerable and you can do massive damage from the get-go.

If your meter is not full you can just stand there and wait for the meter to fill up. Once it is full, you can start the fight. The second thing that you need to do is fill up your Spartan Rage meter. This does a lot of damage and also heals you. You can use this to deal a lot of damage to the Valkyrie and heal Kratos. If the meter is not full then you can go back and kill some enemies.

Lastly, resurrection stones can come in handy when taking on a Valkyrie in God of War. If you die with a resurrection stone then press Square and Atreus will bring you back to life. You can buy these but you can only hold one at a time.

How To Kill Olrun In God Of War

Once you figure out her moves and attacks, beating Olrun is pretty straight forward. The following are all her attacks and how you can counter then to take her down quickly.

Wing Attacks

Olrun, like other Valkyries in God of War, will attack Kratos with her wings. She will spin around and attack Kratos with her wings. You can block the wings. In the end, she will land a blow that cannot be blocked. This will need to be dodged.

Another variation of this attack is that Olrun will spin around. Then she will back away and come back to spin around and attack with her wings a second time. You can block all these wing attacks. Once the series of attacks are over, you can land some blows of your own. Timing is key here.

Dash Attacks

While on the ground Olrun can dash towards Kratos and try to stab him. She can do this from across the room. This move cannot be blocked and you will need to dodge this attack.

Another variation of this attack is when Olrun dashes and twirls her wings rather than stabbing Kratos. If she strafes to your right then you cannot block this attack and you will need to dodge it. If she strafes to your left then she does the double-wing attack. You will see the Red circle if the attack cannot be blocked.

Stomp Attack

This is the most powerful attack that Olrun can use. She will disappear into the air and stomp Kratos into the ground. As soon as she jumps up, you need to dodge to the side in order to avoid any damage. At the end of the attack, she is open to hits and you can damage her.

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