God Of War Valkyrie Guide: How To Kill Gondul (Muspelheim)

God of War Gondul

Defeating the Gondul Valkyrie in Muspelheim in God of War is not easy. You will need to go up the maintain and clear all the enemies that come into your way. In order to defeat Gondul, you will need to figure out her attacks and moves. That is where this guide comes in. Here we are going to talk about the different attacks and moves and Gondul has and how you can counter them.

If you have not read our previous Valkyrie guides then there are a few things that you need to do before the encounter with Gondul. Firstly, make sure that your Runic attack meter is full. This can be used to deal a lot of damage early on. Initiate the fight with these attacks to get a head start.

Secondly, you need to fill up your Spartan Rage meter. This will allow you to deal a lot of damage. It also heals you. Having a resurrection stone can also come in handy. If you die while holding one then Atreus can use it to bring you back to life. You can buy these but you can only carry one at a time.

How To Kill Gondul In God of War

Killing this Valkyrie is pretty straight forward once you know what attacks are going to be used against you and how you can counter them. The following are the attacks that Gondul uses and how you can finish her off quickly.

Fire Rain

Gondul can call down fire which sets the ground ablaze. Dash out of these areas and you will not catch fire. She can chain this attack with another one so be prepared.

Knife Projectiles

Gondul can throw projectiles that are like knives. She can do this two to three times back-to-back but you can block these attacks.


Gondul will dash forward and try to stab Kratos. You will not be able to block this move and you should dodge it each time.

Staff Spin

Gondul swings her staff twice. The first move has an area of effect radius. You can dodge twice to get out of harm’s way. The second spin can be dodged as well but you will need to time both dodges accordingly.

Air Explosion

Gondul will try to jump into the air and create an explosion. When she does this have Atrius fire arrows at her. This will interrupt the attack and bring her back to the ground.


This Valkyrie can jump into the air and stomp Kratos when she lands. This will deal a lot of damage. As soon as she jumps into the air, dodge the attack by rolling. The ground will catch fire when she jumps, so be careful of that as well. When she lands, she is vulnerable and this is a great time to deal some damage.

Wing Attacks

The Valkyrie will strike Kratos with her wings while she takes steps towards him. These attacks can be blocked. She can do this back to back to keep that in mind.

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