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God Of War Valkyrie Guide: How To Kill Geirdriful (Foothills)

God of War Geirdriful

Geirdriful, the God of War Valkyrie in the foothills can be a hard enemy to beat. You will need to learn her attacks in order to counter them. In this guide, we are going to talk about how you can do that and finish her off quickly.

If you have not read our guide on how to kill the mountain Valkyrie then there are a few things that you should do before the encounter with Gerdriful. Firstly, make sure that your Runic attack meter is full. This can be used to deal a lot of damage early on. Initiate the fight with these attacks to get a head start.

Secondly, you need to fill up your Spartan Rage meter. This will allow you to deal a lot of damage. It also heals you. Having a resurrection stone can also come in handy. If you die while holding one then Atreus can use it to bring you back to life. You can buy these but you can only carry one at a time.

How To Kill Geirdriful In God of War

Now that we have got all that out of the way and you know how to have the upper hand at the start of the fight. We can move on to the rest of the fight and how you are going to counter Gerdriful in God of War.

Dealing with this Valkyrie is not easy. She is fast and she does not reveal all her moves like other Valkyries. Another thing to keep in mind is that she is very fast and that she can attack you even when you are trying to evade.

Like all the other Valkyries in God of War, you need to learn Gerdriful’s attack patterns and know how to counter them in order to finish her off quickly. Here are her moves and how you can counter them.

Air Attacks

Geirdriful can take to the air and perform different attacks. When she does so, have Atreus fire arrows at her which can make her fall. She might not fall immediately but doing so will bring her back to the ground. Firing arrows will also interrupt her ground pound which is a very devastating attack.

When Geirdriful is in the air, try to avoid being directly under her. This will move her out of sight and you will have a hard time making out what her next attack is going to be. When she is in the air you should stay back.

Geirdriful can jump into the air and throw magic rings at Kratos. These can be blocked with one exception. The exception is marked with a Red circle. if you do not see the Red circle then it can be blocked. If you do see it then you will need to dodge instead.

Ranged Attacks

In God of War, Geirdriful has a couple of ranged attacks that you will need to counter in order to stay alive. In one of her attacks, she will swing her scythe and throw a wave of Yellow energy at Kratos. You can tell by the Red circle right before the attack. You can evade this move.

In her other attack, she throws Black projectiles at Kratos. These can be blocked. The key to countering ranged attacks is keeping a safe distance. The more space you have between her and Kratos, the more time you will have to react to her attacks.

Ground Attacks

As mentioned before, this Valkyrie is fast. She can get close to you and attack with her wings. This move can be blocked. He standard wing attack involves alternating between her wings and attacking Kratos.

She can also transition into her ranged attack. In order to counter this move, you need to block and dodge. Timing is going to be key here and you will need to keep an eye out for the transition.

Something worth mentioning is that the Valkyrie will try to blind you. You can look away to avoid that from happening.

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