God Of War Valkyrie Guide: How To Kill Hildr (Niflheim)

God Of War Hildr Valkyrie

Hildr is the Niflheim Valkyrie in God of War and she can be pretty easy to kill because Niflheim makes you a better fighter. This does not mean that you should take things easy. You still need to know her moves in order to counter them. In this God of War Valkyrie guide, we are going to walk you through how you can kill Hildr, the Niflheim Valkyrie.

Before you start the fight there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind that can help you. First, you need to fill your Runic attack meters. Use Runic attacks to start the encounter with the Valkrie as they are vulnerable and you can do massive damage from the get-go.

If your meter is not full you can just stand there and wait for the meter to fill up. Once it is full, you can start the fight. The second thing that you need to do is fill up your Spartan Rage meter. This does a lot of damage and also heals you. You can use this to deal a lot of damage to the Valkyrie and heal Kratos. If the meter is not full then you can go back and kill some enemies.

Lastly, resurrection stones can come in handy when taking on a Valkyrie in God of War. If you die with a resurrection stone then press Square and Atreus will bring you back to life. You can buy these but you can only hold one at a time.

Locating the Valkyrie in Niflheim can be a bit tricky. If you are having trouble then know that she can be found in the left field. From the home base, take a left, at the end of make a right and then another left. You will find yourself in the left field.

How To Kill Hildr In God Of War

Once you know what attacks Hildr is going to use, it is pretty easy to win and you can finish her off very easily. The following are the attacks that she can use against you and how you can counter them.

Dash Attacks

Hildr will dash at you but you can parry these attacks. Doing so will give you a big window to counter. You can parry many of her attacks. This is true for the dash attacks as well. Press L1 to bring up your shield and stun her. Once done, use powerful moves to beat the enemy quickly.

Ranges Attacks

Hildr will fire a volley of ice balls at you. You can block all of these attacks. She will then pause for a second and shoot a single ice ball. You cannot block this one but you can dodge it. You will see the Reed circle before the single shot, so you will know when you need to dodge.

Her other ranged attack starts with a Red circle, so you know that you need to dodge it. It ends with a burst of Yellow energy. You need to dodge left or right in order to avoid it.

Air Attacks

At times Hildr will go into the air and attack you from there. Like other Valkyries, get Atreus to shoot arrows at her to interrupt her attack and bring her back to the ground. If you fail to do so, she will dive at you. You will see the Red circle before the attack. This will indicate that you cannot block it so you will need to dodge it.

Wing Attacks

Like other Valkyries in God of War, Hildr will use her wings to attack Kratos. You can block these attacks and when the furry ends, you can land some blows of your own.

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