Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Walkthrough

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Find Hope Story Mission

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Walkthrough

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope is the second story mission from the videogame developed by Ubisoft Montreal for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Find Hope begins after Thomas Rush saves you from the Twins at the end of the previous story mission named Crawling from the Wreckage.

While Garett Barnes didn’t survive the ambush and Thomas Rush ended up as a hostage, you managed to escape.

Luckily, Carmina Rye saw you falling off the cliff and she was able to pull you out of the water.

But this doesn’t mean that you are safe, Captain. The Twins and the Highwaymen are still looking for you. So, make haste and try to reach Prosperity as soon as you can.

Reach Hope County

Although you are not far away from Hope County and Prosperity, in order to get to safety you’ll have to go through an outpost.

The said outpost is placed right in front of a large tunnel which is your way out from the danger zone. Since at the end of the previous mission you were left with empty hands, to be able to clear the outpost you need a weapon.

The first objective of this mission is quite clear.

Start by following the marker on your screen and head down the river until you see a hidden cabin on the left side of the water (pictured below).

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 1

Check this cabin

Get inside and pick up the Cistanche and Blasting Cap in the far right corner.

Now break the planks on the wall and loot the yellow container on the left side to find some Copper, Saw Launcher Ammo, Solvent, and Rifle Ammo.

Next exit the cabin and several steps away but on the other side of the river, you should see another wooden cabin.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 2

Search this cabin for more loot

Climb inside and check the yellow backpack on the left wall for Blasting Cap, Copper, and Saw Launcher Ammo.

Head outside and keep moving down the river until you reach a large opening, right after you pass the broken suspended bridge.

At this point your objective changes.

Reach the Mine

Stay on the left side of the river and keep moving towards the new objective but pay close attention to the right side to spot a hidden lockbox on a broken car (also pictured).

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 3

Investigate this car

Inside the yellow box, you’ll find Black Powder, Rifle Ammo, Copper and a Medkit.

Once you grab everything head straight to the building; however before entering make sure you check the tunnel on the small hill on the right.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 5

Check the backpack inside this tunnel

Inside this tunnel is a yellow backpack you should check for more Black Powder, Copper, and Rifle Ammo.

Now go inside the building with the Workbench to receive your next objective.

Open the Weapon Menu In the Workbench

When you get close to the workbench you’ll be asked to craft the Saw Launcher V.0. This is a Rank 1 Weapon which requires two Crafting Materials: Duct Tape (40) and Components (40).

Although if you followed our walkthrough you already have some of the materials needed for this weapon, you’ll still need more.

This means that it’s time to find the rest.

Find Materials

This specific building is filled with Crafting Materials, so the best method to complete the objective is to strategically investigate every inch.

Keep in mind that there are two levels in this building and there are numerous containers you can loot.

For example behind this locked gate, you’ll find 10 Components and 6 Duct Tape. To break the lock use the branch near the gate.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 6

Look behind this locked gate

Next to the same gate is a wooden ladder and under it, you’ll find 6 Duct Tape and 9 Components.

Keep looking inside the building until you have the required amount of Crafting Materials.

Craft and Equip a Saw Launcher

When you have all Duct Tapes and Components head back to the Workbench and craft the Saw Launcher. Now that you are armed, it’s time to deal with the Highwaymen.

This action will trigger the next mission objective.

Reach the Bridge

Head outside the building and follow the road up the hill. Be advised though that you’ll encounter two Highwaymen searching a car nearby.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 7

Kill these two Highwaymen

These two fellows are the perfect targets to test your new weapon. Take them out as you see fit because they don’t represent a threat.

Once you deal with those two, simply follow the road to reach the bridge.

Reach the Tunnel

From the top of the hill, you should be able to spot the outpost on the other side. How you decide to approach it is your choice; however, we suggest crossing on the other side of the canyon using the zipline pictured below.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 8

Use the zipline to get around the outpost

This path will keep you hidden from the enemies in vantage points; thus allowing you to deal with the enemies inside the base without getting noticed.

If by any chance you are spotted, you can find cover inside this house.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 9

If spotted, take cover inside this house

All you have to do is to crouch and keep an eye on the front door because all enemies (except those in towers) will come to you.

Take them out one by one, then just deal with the remaining enemies from the window.

Once you clear the area, feel free to explore the Outpost, and grab everything you find. When you’re done enter the tunnel and check the door on the left side to discover a hidden passage leading to Hope County and Prosperity.

Far Cry: New Dawn Find Hope Wiki Guide 10

Open this door to complete the mission

The moment you open the door, you’ll trigger the final cutscene which unlocks the next story mission named Gear Up.

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