Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Side Mission

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Side Mission

Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Side Mission

Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes is a Far Cry: New Dawn side mission at the end of which you’ll be able to unlock a new Gun For Hire who goes by the name of Nana.

Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes is a short mission which takes place at the Looting Location known as Nana’s Perch.

To be able to access this side mission in the videogame developed by Ubisoft Montreal, first, you have to complete the Gear Up story mission.

Before starting this mission, though, you should try to recruit Timber or Horatio, as they will help you complete Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes faster.

Other than that, there are no special requirements for this mission; so head to Nana’s Perch located north-east of Nadine’s Junkyard.

You can see the exact location on the following map.

Far Cry: New Dawn Nana's Perch

When you arrive at this location, you’ll find a funny old woman practicing her shooting skills.

Approach her and she’ll tell you that she’s the best shooter in Hope County, and she’ll like to join you, but only if you can match her skills.

To do that, you’ll have to complete a series of tests for Nana. Luckily all of them are quite accessible even if they are timed.

So let’s start easy and see if we can convince Nana to join our Roster in Far Cry: New Dawn.

Reach the Sniping Post

After Nana introduces herself, you’ll have to reach the sniping post nearby to start the first trial.

Head to the location pictured below and the first round begins.

Far Cry: New Dawn Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Wiki Guide 1

Reach the sniping spot

Before triggering the timer, though there are several things you should know about this task.

To complete it, you have to shoot 10 helmets in the practice area; and you’ll have to do it in exactly 1 minute.

Shoot the Helmets Round 1

A good strategy to complete this objective is to identify all 10 helmets before starting the timer.

You can use the binoculars or better yet the scope of your weapon.

So, from left to right, here is where to look for them:

Helmet 1 – Behind a blue car, next to a wooden pole

Helmet 2 – On the left side of the yellow water container

Helmet 3 – In front of a blue truck

Helmet 4 – Between some trees on the left side of a blue crate

Helmet 5 – Close to your location, near a large cog

Helmet 6 – On top of the small shack in the distance

Helmet 7 – Near a wooden pole next to some large tire

Helmet 8 – Near a smaller cog on the left side of the brown deposit

Helmet 9 – On top of the same brown deposit

Helmet 10 – On the right side of the brown deposit, on the ground

Far Cry: New Dawn Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Wiki Guide 2

Use your binoculars to spot the targets

Now that you know where the helmets are located, start shooting them following the same order.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the sniper rifle nearby. A normal rifle or an LMG will also do the job.

Shoot the Helmets Round 2

Once you finish the first round, you’ll automatically start the second one; which as Nana informs you; it’s a little bit trickier.

For this round, you’ll have to shoot the same helmets in 1 minute and 30 seconds; but as you’ll notice they are now moving.

If you followed our advice above you won’t encounter difficulties because you already know where to look for them.

This time around; however an automatic rifle is definitely a better choice.

After you finish the second round, go talk to Nana who will send you to another sniping position.

Reach the 2nd Sniping Post

The second Sniping Post is located on top of the silo behind Nana.

Use the ladder to get on top, then the third trial begins.

Shoot the Balloons

Unlike the previous two challenges, this one is much easier, because the balloons are bigger and you can easily spot them.

Start by shooting one at a time from left to right.

Far Cry: New Dawn Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Wiki Guide 3

Shoot Nana’s Balloons

Once you finish the third challenge, talk to Nana behind you and she’ll tell you that shooting this type of targets is easy.

And she has a point, as none of them shoots back.

So, for the final trial, Nana will alert a large number of Highwaymen who will rush towards your location. Your goal now is very clear.

You have to survive the attack.

Survive the Incoming Attack

If you followed our advice and picked Timber or Horatio before starting this mission, you’ll notice that they will prove quite useful when the Highwaymen start to appear.

Since they will deal with the enemies below, all you have to do is to prioritize your targets and get rid of the snipers first.

Far Cry: New Dawn Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes Wiki Guide 4

Let Timber deal with some of the enemies below

Using a Sniper Rifle is not mandatory but it will help you take out distant targets faster.

During the attack, Nana will also fight by your side, so you’ll have not one but two Guns for Hire.

Pick your targets, and always aim for their heads.

Finally, make sure you keep an eye on Nana and revive her if she is injured.

After you take out all enemies, use the zip line nearby to get down faster and talk to Nana to complete this mission.

As a reward, she will join your Roster and you can always call her when you need a professional sniper.

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