Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Kelly Guide: How To Romance

Kelly is Shepard’s assistant, and she acts as his yeoman on the Normandy SR-2. She informs Shephard of new e-mails and passes on meeting requests from the other squadmates. Many players go for the popular option for romance, such as Tali or Miranda. However, many people do not know that Kelly is also a romance option in Mass Effect 2 and 3. This guide will include all the details on how to R...[Read More]

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Samara Romance Guide

Samara is an Asari justicar who has powerful biotic abilities. Samara has three daughters, Falere, Rila, and Morinth. Falere and Rila live their life in isolation. Whereas, Morinth ran away and started killing many people. Samara then took it upon herself to bring her daughter to justice. This Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide will include all the details on how to romance Samara in Mass Effect ...[Read More]

Mass Effect 2 Platinum Guide: How To Get And Use

In order to get all the improvements in the game, you need to have an abundance of the resources that you will track down in the second entry of the Mass Effect trilogy. In this guide, we will detail how to find Platinum, where to get it from, and how to use it in Mass Effect 2. How to Get Platinum in Mass Effect 2 You can get Platinum just like you get other resources in Mass Effect 2 which means...[Read More]

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Morinth Guide: How To Romance

Morinth is an Ardat-Yakshi and the daughter of Samara. She has a rare genetic disorder that causes her to kill anyone she mates with. She joins with the mind of one she is mating with and becomes smarter and powerful every time she mates. This guide will include all the details on how to romance Morinth in Mass Effect 2 and 3.  How to Romance Morinth in Mass Effect Morinth has been running fo...[Read More]

Mass Effect 2 Iridium Guide: How To Get And Use

Unlike Mass Effect 1, the second part of the trilogy requires resources for upgrades. These upgrades can vary from upgrades for weapons to armors for yourself or your party. Iridium is an essential resource in Mass Effect 2. This guide will include all the details of acquiring Iridium and its uses in Mass Effect 2.  How to Get Iridium in Mass Effect 2  Acquiring Iridium in Mass Effect 2 ...[Read More]

Mass Effect Jack Romance Guide: How To Romance

Jack, aka Subject Zero, is one of the most powerful human biotics alive. She is a notorious criminal known for kidnapping, vandalism, and murder. Jack is a squadmate in Mass Effect 2 and a supporting character in Mass Effect 3. She is a possible romance option in these games for male Shepard only. This guide will include all the details on how to Romance Jack in Mass Effect 2 and 3. How to Romance...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Jack Guide: How To Save

Jack is a squadmate in Shephard’s party in Mass Effect. In the Suicide Misson, there is a possibility that many of your squadmates could die. Jack is no exception as she can die in the mission as well. After preventing her death in the Suicide Mission, she will live to come back in Mass Effect 3. Jack is a side character in Mass Effect 3 and can be missed if you only focus on the story quest...[Read More]

Mass Effect 3 Diana Allers Guide: How To Romance

Diana Allers is a human Alliance News Network war correspondent. She makes her first appearance in Mass Effect 3 after Priority: Mars at the Citadel. Gender is no issue while trying to romance her. So if you have chosen a female version of Shephard, you can still romance Diana. This Mass Effect 3 guide will include all the details on how to romance Diana Allers.  How to Romance Diana Allers i...[Read More]

Mass Effect Wrex’s Family Armor Guide: How To Get

Wrex is a famed Krogan mercenary and bounty hunter. He is a squadmate in your party in the first game of the trilogy. This guide will include all the details on acquiring Wrex’s family armor in Mass Effect 1. There are multiple ways of finding the armor, and we will discuss them all.  How to Get Wrex’s Family Armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition Like every squadmate, Wrex has some loy...[Read More]

Mass Effect 1 Mining Laser Control Code Guide

As you progress through the story, you will come to the Knossos system of the Artemis Tao cluster. Here you will have to save Liara T’Soni, who is trapped in a containment field. The Mining Code will be required to free her but finding out what it is is hard. Not to worry, as this Mass Effect 1 guide will include all the details on what the mining laser control code is and how to free Liara ...[Read More]

Mass Effect Endings Guide: How To Get All Endings

Bioware has released Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a compilation of the games in the trilogy. All of the Mass Effect games have multiple endings ranging from two to eight. Endings in Mass Effect can be changed solely by the outcome of your consequences. This endings guide will include details on how to achieve your desired ending in Mass Effect 1. Endings in Mass Effect  There are two ending...[Read More]

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Ashley Guide: How To Romance

The Mass Effect Trilogy has multiple squadmates with whom Shephard can have a relationship. One of those squadmates is Ashley Williams. Ashley Madeline Williams is one of the first squadmates you will encounter in the game. Romancing her is not easy as you have to select the correct dialogue options and give her time. This guide will include all the details on how to romance Ashley in Mass Effect,...[Read More]

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