Mass Effect Wrex’s Family Armor Guide: How To Get

Wrex is a famed Krogan mercenary and bounty hunter. He is a squadmate in your party in the first game of the trilogy. This guide will include all the details on acquiring Wrex’s family armor in Mass Effect 1. There are multiple ways of finding the armor, and we will discuss them all. 

How to Get Wrex’s Family Armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Like every squadmate, Wrex has some loyalty missions. In one of these missions, Wrex asks you to find his royal Family armor. There are two ways of obtaining the family armor. Both of them are not that different from each other. 

First Method

For the first method, you will have to visit Wrex countless times and talk to him. Doing this a couple of times will make him talk about his past. He will talk about his family armor set. You will need to make your way to Tuntau. Make sure to bring Wrex with you.

When you reach Tuntau on your Mako, open up your map and locate Actus’ base, the hidden structure. Once arriving at the building, deal with the enemies outside and inside of the building. Make your way to the top of the building while taking care of the sniper. Go to the final room and interact with the safe, and manually override it. The family armor will be inside, and your quest will be complete as Wrex is near you. 

Second Method

The second way involves you getting to the location of the safe without talking to Wrex. After acquiring the family armor from inside the safe, you will have to make your way back to Wrex. You can return him the armor set back in Normandy. This will also avoid a potential Paragon or Renegade check against Wrex.

This is how you can get Wrex’s family armor in Mass Effect 1. If you want to learn more check out our guide on how you can get the ending that you want.

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