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Genshin Impact Zhongli Build Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons, Ascension And Teams

There is a plethora of characters in Genshin Impact. Some are geared towards dealing damage while others take on a support role. However, one character can easily take on both tasks; he’s called Zhongli.  While this pretty much works in your favor, knowing how to make the best use of him is tougher than it looks. Especially when there are so many weapons and artifacts that just seem to ...[Read More]

Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS Build Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons, Ascension And Teams

Genshin Impact has seen a lot of updates throughout the board. While some of them introduce fixes and vice versa. There have been a bunch of new characters added to the game on a regular basis.  While this is good and all, theory crafting the best build for characters like Yanfei, that itch you to go DPS isn’t as simple as it might look, especially when there’s no telling what her...[Read More]

Genshin Impact Best Diona Support Build Guide: Weapons, Artifacts

There’s no shortage of DPS carries in Genshin Impact; whether it be Yanfei or Xiao, you just can’t seem to get bored of them. However, the real breadwinners of a team comprise supports that effectively amplify the damage output of the main carry.  Needless to say, great support needs the correct items and artifacts to perform, and no support is more fun to play than the four-star ...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla One-Handed Sword Guide: How To Get

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s latest Season update brings in new content. The Sigrblot Season is here, and it brings a new type of weapon, which is the one-handed sword. This is a free limited-time event that you can take part in. It will start in your settlement, Ravensthorpe. Your settlement should be at Level 2 and must have one of the two starting locations, Grantebridgescire or Ledecestre...[Read More]

Tribes of Midgard Bifrost Guide: How To Use

In the action RPG survival, you will come across greyed-out structures. You can use your resources to build these structures if you want to. You will also come across a crystal structure with which you can not interact. At first, you will be confused as to what this is. The statue only has one purpose, and that is to return you to Valhalla. This Tribes of Midgard guide will include all the details...[Read More]

Genshin Impact Baal Boss Guide: How To Beat

Version 2.0 in Genshin Impact brings the Ayaka Banner, new zone, quests, and more. New boss battles are also available to you. One of the new bosses is Baal, who is the current Electro Archon. Her main weapon of choice is a sword, and her affiliation is with The Seven Inazuma Bakufu. This Genshin Impact guide will include all the details on how to beat Baal.  How to Defeat Baal in Genshin Imp...[Read More]

Tribes of Midgard Gates Guide: How To Repair

Tribes of Midgard is a survival role-playing game. You have to defend against the waves of Yggdrasil and protect your village. The gates surrounding your village are an optimal option to stop the enemies from coming inside the village. However, they also take damage from the enemies and start to break. This Tribes of Midgard guide will include all the details on how to repair gates.  How to r...[Read More]

Tribes Of Midgard Golden Horns Guide: How To Get

Tribes of Midgard is an action role-playing game. It has Golden Horns as the main form of currency. You can use it to unlock runes that you can equip on your character. To acquire the runes, simply go to the Golden Altar or go to the in-game shop. You can not use real money to acquire this currency in the game. This Tribes Of Midgard guide will include all the details on how you can get Golden Hor...[Read More]

Tribes Of Midgard Mushroom Oil Guide: How To Get

Tribes of Midgard has tons of exploration that you need to do aside from defending your village. As you explore, you will surely encounter the site Mushroom Oil. You can give Mushroom Oil to Ölivir in exchange for health and mana potions. These will help replenish your health after some combat. You will also need Mushroom Oil to create some advanced recipes. This Tribes Of Midgard guide will inclu...[Read More]

How To Play Tribes of Midgard With Friends Guide

The latest action RPG survival game throws waves of Ragnarok at your village. You have to protect your village from these enemies and defend the Seed of Yggdrasil. The good part is that you can do all of this with your friends. The game allows you to make a party and play with up to 10 players simultaneously. This Tribes of Midgard guide will include all the details on how to play with friends.&nb...[Read More]

Tribes of Midgard Fast Travel Guide: How To Fast Travel

Tribes of Midgard is the latest action RPG game. The game revolves around your survivability and capability to defend your village at all costs. You will have to explore new areas in the daytime, so you level up and get better gear and more. However, you might be far away from your village at some point and can not go back to it right away. The in-game day and night time moves faster. You will hav...[Read More]

Tribes of Midgard Starter Kits Guide: How Do They Work?

The action role-playing game has you protecting the Seed of Yggdrasil in the center of your village right from the get-go. Plus, you basically start with nothing and have to gather supplies and armor for yourself. You will have to gather resources to make defenses for your village. Protecting the village from Jötunn and the waves of Ragnorak while also searching for better gear and equipment can b...[Read More]