Mass Effect 2 Iridium Guide: How To Get And Use

Mass Effect 2 Iridium

Unlike Mass Effect 1, the second part of the trilogy requires resources for upgrades. These upgrades can vary from upgrades for weapons to armors for yourself or your party. Iridium is an essential resource in Mass Effect 2. This guide will include all the details of acquiring Iridium and its uses in Mass Effect 2. 

How to Get Iridium in Mass Effect 2 

Acquiring Iridium in Mass Effect 2 is relatively easy. Same as acquiring any other resource, you can obtain Iridium by scanning a planet. You need to scan any planet for possible resources it might have.

You can do this by pressing Left Trigger on your Xbox controller or pressing L2 on your PlayStation controllers and moving the cursor on the planet. This will start a scan, and you will get to see a reading on the right side. These readings will show if a large amount of resources is nearby or not.

Soon the readings will spike to the top showing that a large amount of resources is near. You can then send out a probe by pressing the Right Trigger or R2 on your controller. When the probe returns, you will acquire a sum of the resource. Doing this multiple times on different planets will increase your Iridium. You can use this Iridium to upgrade your gear. 

Its Uses

Iridium is a resource that you require in the upgrading of specific weapons. Using it on weapons through research projects will increase their efficiency. Iridium is used to upgrade assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and heavy weapons. 

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