Mass Effect Endings Guide: How To Get All Endings

Mass Effect Endings

Bioware has released Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a compilation of the games in the trilogy. All of the Mass Effect games have multiple endings ranging from two to eight. Endings in Mass Effect can be changed solely by the outcome of your consequences. This endings guide will include details on how to achieve your desired ending in Mass Effect 1.

Endings in Mass Effect 

There are two endings in Mass Effect 1. One is the good ending, and the other is the bad ending. Your choices make up Shephard’s morality to take sides with Paragons or Renegades. This will affect how the ending will turn out. However, the most significant factor lies in the mission Race Against Time. In this mission, you will deliver a speech that depends on your character’s morality. The status of the council is also an essential factor. You will have a choice to either save the Council or concentrate on Sovereign. 

Saving the Council

If you select the option to save the Council, you will have to protect the Council trapped inside the Destiny Ascension. The Advanced Fleet will be there to protect it as well. Once the mission turns out successful, you will save the council and get the councilor’s appreciation. As a result of this, humanity secures a seat in the Council. It will be your decision on who should sit in the seat. You can choose Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina. 

Concentrate on Sovereign 

If you select the option to concentrate on Sovereign, then you will ignore the distress call by Destiny Ascension. This will lead to the council being killed off. After the mission, Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina take over the existing Council and will create a new Council. Your morality will affect this ending as following Paragon will lead to a human leader and members from all races. However, if you follow the Renegades, this will lead to the Council having only humans as members. You can choose Captain Anderson or Ambassador Udina to serve the council. 

This is how you can get the different endings in Mass Effect. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can romance Ashley.

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