Mass Effect 3 Diana Allers Guide: How To Romance

Mass Effect 3 Diana Allers

Diana Allers is a human Alliance News Network war correspondent. She makes her first appearance in Mass Effect 3 after Priority: Mars at the Citadel. Gender is no issue while trying to romance her. So if you have chosen a female version of Shephard, you can still romance Diana. This Mass Effect 3 guide will include all the details on how to romance Diana Allers. 

How to Romance Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3

When Diana asks to be aboard the Normandy, you have to select the “Let’s do a trial run” option. As soon as she gets on the ship, make your way to the Cargo Area of the Engineering floor where she is located. Talk to her and make sure to exhaust all her conversation options. 

An important conversation for romancing her will come after the mission Priority: Citadel II. You will have to talk to Diana and invite her to the Captain’s Cabin. She will have an interview with you and after the interview is over, select the “I’m ok with that” option. Do not select the “This interview is over,” or the interview will be over literally. As a result, your chance of romancing her will be over as well. 

The second meaningful conversation will come after the mission Priority: Rannoch. You will have another interview with her, and you will have to choose the “Stay the night.” option after it ends. Select “I’ll be discreet” after her reply, and you will finally romance Diana Allers. 

This is how you can romance Diana Allers in Mass Effect 3. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can romance Ashley. You can also check out our guide on how you can romance Tali in Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3.

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