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Muhib Naa

Muhib is a huge MOBA fan that loves to get crafty in the Summoner's Rift. As a tech geek, you will often hear him talk about the latest and greatest gear in the current market! Oh, and good luck winning a Genshin Impact bout against him.

BitLife Titanic Challenge | Ultimate Guide

There aren’t a whole lot of people that are unfamiliar with the story of Titanic. It was thrilling and heartbreaking, but at the same time, it was something that’d keep you invested throughout the journey. Taking some inspiration, BitLife seems to have landed an interesting collaboration.  Unsurprisingly, the entire BitLife crew seems to be a devoted fan of the Titanic franchise a...[Read More]

BitLife Jacksepticeye Challenge | Ultimate Guide

It’s not every day you see big personalities officially being immortalized in video games. While only a few personalities like Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie have held such a crown till now, it seems like Jacksepticeye has entered the ranks as well with the help of BitLife.  In order to commemorate this moment, BitLife has decided to make players do a plethora of minor missions in order to com...[Read More]

Gold and Goblins Tips

GobliThe world of gaming is a vast yet small one. You find a good mobile game, you play it till oblivion till there’s no visible way to get any better, you get bored by doing the same repetitions all over again, and it concludes the end of an arc. Luckily, that stuff doesn’t happen that often in Gold and Goblins.  The premise is pretty simple, you explore and mine and then exchang...[Read More]

What Does Focus Do In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s level-up system is one of the most remarkable and in-depth yet comprehensive systems out of any RPG game. All the stats make a lot of sense since Vitality increases your character’s Hit Points and Endurance increases your stamina and maximum weight you can carry before you get slower.  However, Elden Ring also has some hidden stats that affect your character in some way but are n...[Read More]

What Is Vitality In Elden Ring? (Ultimate Guide)

Survivability in the harsh lands of Elden Ring is mostly determined by your character’s stats. This game has eight major player attributes. However, unlike the main stats that you spend your runes to put levels in, these attributes are not explained explicitly in the game. Vitality is one of the essential attributes Elden Ring has to offer. And just like most other attributes, details about vitali...[Read More]

What To Do Before Burning Erdtree in Elden Ring?

The latest FromSoftware title; Elden Ring features a massive open-world area filled to the brim with areas to discover, quests to complete, gear to find, and secrets to uncover. The game features many secret areas that are too well hidden to be found naturally despite how much you explore and poke around. To reach such areas, you require some sort of hint and guidance which you get through progres...[Read More]

Elden Ring – How To Leave Roundtable Hold?

FromSoftware’s latest title Elden Ring is undeniably the most polished souls-like FromSoftware has released. The sheer amount of places to explore in the tremendous free-roam world the game is set in is mind-boggling. For an experienced souls player, this is the ultimate game.  But as expected, it can be overwhelming and challenging. There are close to zero tutorials in-game other than the tu...[Read More]

How To Duplicate Weapons In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game that provides a vast array of weapons for the player to use. These range from daggers to great swords, all having unique ashes of war.  Ash of war is the weapon art mechanic from the Dark Souls Trilogy. Since Elden Ring is a souls game made by FromSoftware, it has all the factors that makes a souls game so special.  Aside from the new open-world setting of Elden Ring...[Read More]

Bannerlord – How To Have Kids?

Be it the joy of battle, or the struggle of survival, Bannerlord features a unique way of storytelling that has the ability to capture the flow of time. You sit back, relax, and watch every action unfold.  Life doesn’t have to be so hectic, it’s short, and there are much smaller things to take care of. Take having children as an example. It’s the beginning of a new life, a n...[Read More]

Search Mission | Escape From Tarkov Guide

Escape From Tarkov comprises of a plethora of unique and interesting missions that put your deductive skills to the test.  While some of these missions are rather easy to clear, others can be a massive pain – solely due to the massive number of variables in them. Let’s take the Search Mission as an example.  It’s fun, it’s interesting, but it’s also hard to ...[Read More]

Genshin Impact Yanfei DPS Build Guide: Best Artifacts, Weapons, Ascension And Teams

Genshin Impact has seen a lot of updates throughout the board. While some of them introduce fixes and vice versa. There have been a bunch of new characters added to the game on a regular basis.  While this is good and all, theory crafting the best build for characters like Yanfei, that itch you to go DPS isn’t as simple as it might look, especially when there’s no telling what her...[Read More]

The Extortionist | Escape From Tarkov Guide

Escape from Tarkov is well-known for the amount of realism it depicts through the in-game mechanics. While this does result in gameplay being harder than usual, you’re pretty much good to go once you’ve got the basics down.  However, certain missions are confusing in a pretty different way. You’re practically unaware of what the mission is asking from you – which can b...[Read More]