Where To Sell Jewelry In RDR2?

Where To Sell Jewelry In RDR2

Lovin’ the cowboy life but unsure of the ins and outs of shady businesses? We’ve got your back!

While selling Jewellery is a common action in the world of RDR2, you need to know the places that deal with it. Otherwise, you’d be stuck on a fat stack of gold, unsure what to do with it. 

Therefore, this guide will focus on all the places where you can sell your hard-earned jewelry in RDR2 to earn some equivalent riches! With that said, let’s jump right in!

Fence – The Prime Jewelry Dealer

As it turns out, the only place to sell Jewelry in RDR2 is through the fence. It is a dealer that allows you to sell the following items:

  • Stage Coaches
  • Gold Bars
  • Jewelry
  • Stolen Items

Fortunately, the fence isn’t located in a single place on the map. Therefore, you can simply choose the one closest to you in order to sell your Jewelry!

Fence Locations in RDR2

By the time of writing, there are a total of 6 fences spread throughout the map of Read Dead Redemption 2.

As you might’ve guessed, they’re not auto-unlocked, so you need to first progress through the story a bit before you’re able to sell your jewelry:

Location Name Shopkeeper Note
Rhodes Rhodes Fence Unnamed Male To the north of the town center
Van Horn Trading Post Silas Crawford Wholesale & Retail Silas Crawford
Saint Denis Saint Denis Pawnbroker Two Unnamed Frenchmen At the Saint Denis Market in the east of the city
Emerald Ranch Wagon Fence Seamus Trades with wagons and deals with usual transactions
Clemens Cove Horse Fence – Davies Brothers Superior Livestock Dealers Clay and Clive Davies Only trades with horses
Thieves’ Landing River Traders Pawn Shop Unnamed Del Lobo Only in Red Dead Online

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Unlocking Fences – The ABCs

In the game, fences are shady merchants who will buy stolen goods from you, such as jewelry, watches, and other valuable items.

They also offer unique items for sale, such as explosives, special ammo, and rare trinkets. Fences are often found in remote locations, hidden away from the law and society.

First Fence

To unlock fences in RDR2, you need to progress through the game’s story until you reach the mission “The Spines of America” in Chapter 2. This mission will introduce you to the first fence, who is located near Emerald Ranch.

Once you have unlocked the first fence, you can visit other fences throughout the game world.

The Rhodes Fence is located to the north of the town center of Rhodes, a small town in the southern part of the map.

This fence is run by an unnamed male character who is willing to buy stolen goods and sell you a variety of rare and unique items.

Second Fence

Where To Sell Jewelry In RDR2

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The Van Horn Trading Post is a lawless town in the northeast part of the map. The fence there is Silas Crawford Wholesale & Retail, who is willing to buy stolen goods and sell you a variety of explosives and rare ammo.

Third Fence

Where To Sell Jewelry In RDR2

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The Saint Denis Pawnbroker is located in the east of the city, in the Saint Denis Market. This fence is run by two unnamed Frenchmen who will buy stolen goods and sell you a variety of rare trinkets.

Fourth Fence

Where To Sell Jewelry In RDR2

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The Wagon Fence is located at Emerald Ranch, and trades with wagons and deals with usual transactions. This fence is run by a character named Seamus, who is willing to buy stolen wagons and other items.

Fifth Fence

The Horse Fence is located in Clemens Cove, and only trades with horses. This fence is run by the Davies Brothers Superior Livestock Dealers, Clay and Clive Davies, who will buy stolen horses and sell you a variety of horse-related items.

Sixth Fence

Finally, the River Traders Pawn Shop is located in Thieves’ Landing, but only available in Red Dead Online. This fence is run by an unnamed Del Lobo character who will buy stolen goods and sell you a variety of rare and unique items.

To sell stolen items or valuables to a fence, approach the fence and interact with them. They will offer you a list of items they are willing to buy. Select the item you want to sell, and the fence will offer you a price. If you accept, the item will be sold, and you will receive the money.

Note that fences will only buy certain items, so not everything you steal or loot can be sold to them.


In conclusion, selling jewelry can be a lucrative way to make some extra cash in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are various vendors throughout the game world who are willing to buy jewelry from you in exchange for money.

The Rhodes General Store, Van Horn Trading Post, Saint Denis Pawnbroker, and Emerald Ranch Wagon Fence are all great options for selling jewelry in the game.

Each vendor has their own unique selling process and set of items for sale, so it’s important to explore all of your options to get the best deals.

By taking advantage of the jewelry market in RDR2, players can earn a significant amount of money and enjoy the game to its fullest.

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