Red Dead Redemption Gold Gun: Everything You Need To Know!

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption Gold Gun: Everything You Need To Know!

Red Dead Redemption Gold Gun: Everything You Need To Know!

Red Dead Redemption has no shortage of guns and weaponry that you can use to put your enemies to rest. 

However, certain guns have unique collector value. After all, who wouldn’t want to wield a shiny weapon capable of downing enemies in one go?

One such variant of these shiny items are the Golden Guns. 

In this article, we will take a deep dive into these Golden Guns to dig our every bit of mystery related to them. Including, but not limited to the method of finding them! Let’s jump right in!

What are Golden Guns?

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Golden Guns are essentially just cousins of normal weaponry available in Red Dead Redemption. There’s no boost in damage, no boost in firing rate. Rather, it’s essentially just a vanity change. 

There are – in total – two kinds of Golden Guns. Aside from those, you can also dye non-weapons like Tomahawk, Dynamite, and Fire Bottle golden to make them match the category!

How To Find Golden Guns in Red Dead Redemption?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no ‘free’ way of obtaining Golden Guns. You either need to get your wallet ready, and for some golden firearms, it’s just better to admit defeat. Here’s why:

Source #1: Pre-Order Bonus

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Two of the golden guns were available well before the game was even released. Before May 2010 (the game’s release date), any player that had pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption had gotten golden versions of the following guns:

  • Repeater Carbine
  • Cattleman Revolver

Surprisingly, the bonuses don’t end here. Every kill attempted with this gun would also yield you additional fame. However, this is only applicable to the targets not wearing the bandana. 

If you’ve played the game for a while, you’d know that killing units with the bandana can negate your fame metric, which is not a good look. 

That said, if you have pre-ordered the game, you’d also be able to obtain these weapons during the undead Nightmare Single Player Campaign, which is a nice cherry on top in case you lose your previous guns.

On the contrary, this also means there’s no way of obtaining these guns if you don’t have the pre-order version. 

Source #2: Golden Guns Weapon Pack

This is a DLC that was released on April 13, 2011. After purchasing it for $0.99/£0.79 (or 80 Microsoft Points), players were able to obtain a pack containing golden variants of most weapons. 

As mentioned previously though, there was still no way of obtaining golden variants of throwable weapons, even if you purchased the DLC on PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE. 

The golden weapons obtained here would also boost fame just like the pre-order bonus ones. In addition, a later update allowed the players to toggle the golden of a weapon. 

This meant you could use the base variants, and switch to the golden versions whenever you wanted to. However, it was also only available for players sourcing the weapons from the mentioned areas. 

Hidden Source: Be a Celebrity!

You heard that right, the company behind Red Dead Redemption sent several bonus packages for prominent figures in the scene to try. 

Every Golden Weapon was pre-unlocked, including the hidden weapons as well, and with the option later introduced on how to enable/disable them, players were well on their way to enjoy the bonuses. 

Unlocking Golden Guns In RDR Multiplayer

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Show off your skills by completing all weapon challenges for a specific weapon, or if you’re feeling confident, bag a hundred headshots in a multiplayer showdown.

But not all guns are eligible for this fancy transformation, most can be made golden in multiplayer. Whether it’s a weapon you’ve claimed from a fallen adversary, lifted from a treasure chest, or unlocked in your inventory – it will shine in resplendent glory!

Now, let’s get to the fine print. Only the metallic components of your weapon get the golden touch. Parts like wood or ivory will stay in their humbler hues. And remember, the gold glamour vanishes once you let go of your weapon.

Advanced to Legend level and worried about losing your golden status? Fear not, fellow adventurer! Your golden guns stay glitzy, even if you’re back at level one and your weapon challenges are reset.

You’ve got to earn your stripes and your golden guns in the competitive matches, though. They won’t just appear in Free Roam. But once you’ve unlocked that golden charm, you can strut around in Free Roam with your shiny weaponry.

Just a heads up, the golden status doesn’t cross over between single player and multiplayer. It’s a strictly “what happens in multiplayer, stays in multiplayer” situation.

Also, remember you can casually rack up those headshots in the laid-back games. Thanks to the gentle aim, you’ll have that golden gun in no time. 


That’s your golden scoop on Red Dead Redemption’s Golden Guns. Shiny, prestigious, but not easy to get.

They’re cosmetic changes, but represent more. They’re not just guns, but badges of honor.

You could be competitive or casual, each challenge is a step towards golden status. So, gamers, saddle up.

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