Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ultimate Edition vs Standard – Which Should You Buy?

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ultimate Edition vs Standard – Which Should You Buy?

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Ultimate Edition vs Standard – Which Should You Buy?

The advent of gaming was simple; you just needed to put a CD or a DVD in a player, and were able to enjoy your favorite games. 

But, with the introduction of online media, even games like Red Dead Redemption 2 seem to have multiple versions. 

With drastic price changes between versions, you’d want the one giving you most content for your buck, but how do you find that?

Let us do the thinking, and compare both Ultimate and Standard editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 for your reading pleasure.

With that said, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Contents: Standard Edition

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This version contains the vanilla game, and Red Dead Online. You won’t be getting any fancy stuff here. 

No bonus items, no bonus missions, just the pure Red Dead Redemption 2 experience. 

Though, that is, in no way lackluster. Mind you, we’re still talking about an entire game here.

Besides, while it’s cool to obtain some extra missions and vanity items, the price difference might not be worth the extra. That said, let’s judge whether that logic applies to RDR2 Ultimate or not. 

Contents: Ultimate Edition 

To be specific, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes in more than just the Standard and Ultimate versions.

With the special edition coming in-between, the Ultimate Edition contains everything the Special and Standard edition offers. 

Here are their perks:

Special Edition

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This edition contains the base game, Red Dead Online, and a bonus story mode that includes the following missions:

Mission  Description
Bank Robbery Mission & Gang Hideout Join Arthur and his gang members for a thrilling heist, busting open a bank in Rhodes. Then switch gears to exterminate the Del Lobos Gang and loot their ill-gotten gains.
Dappled Black Thoroughbred Enjoy the elegance of a black-coated thoroughbred racehorse, complete with an exquisite handcrafted Nuevo Paraiso Saddle, a dark chocolate masterpiece adorned with silver medallions.
The Nuevo Paraiso Gunslinger Outfit Step into Arthur’s boots with this Story Mode exclusive outfit, drawing inspiration from the rugged clothing of vaqueros and banditos. Outfit components include a black cowboy hat, coat, worn denim chaps, leather gloves, and boots.
Talisman & Medallion Gameplay Bonuses Enhance Arthur’s abilities with unique Story Mode accessories. The Eagle Talon Talisman boosts environmental awareness when attached to his boot, while the Iguana Scale reduces damage taken when horse-riding.
Gameplay Boosts, Cash Bonuses & Discounts Capitalize on an assortment of exclusive boosts, bonuses, and discounts in Story Mode. These perks include Core Stat boost, extra robbery missions for increased cash, and price cuts on upgrades for the Van der Linde gang’s camp.
Three weapons free at gunsmiths Flex your firepower with three robust weapons available at in-game Gunsmiths in Story Mode – the commanding Volcanic Pistol, the destructive Pump Action Shotgun, and the versatile Lancaster Varmint Rifle.


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The additional goodies don’t just end at story missions. You’ll also obtain the following:

Bonuses Feature Spotlight
Bonus Outfits & Free Survivor Camp Theme Dazzle your friends with the Blackrose Bounty Hunter Outfit’s oxblood-colored coat, gold pocket watch chain, and chic chocolate boots. Or, go rugged with the Copperhead Enforcer Outfit’s fur-lined leather waistcoat, two-tone gloves, and bold black boots.
Rank Bonuses Power up your online prowess and climb the ranks faster, all the way up to level 25.
Black Chestnut Thoroughbred Take the reins of a black chestnut-coated thoroughbred racehorse, adorned with the striking High Plains Cutting Saddle that boasts jet-black leather and gold metal accents.
Free Access to Additional Weapons Load up on firepower at your local online Gunsmiths. Walk away with the robust Volcanic Pistol, destructive Pump Action Shotgun, and versatile Lancaster Varmint Rifle – all on the house.


Ultimate vs Standard: Which Edition Should You Get?

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The Standard edition gives you the pure, unadulterated experience of Red Dead Redemption 2, with the full game and access to Red Dead Online.

It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to experience the game as the developers intended, without any additional bells and whistles. Plus, it’s the more wallet-friendly option.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Edition is packed with extras. It includes everything from the Standard and Special editions, plus an array of bonus content.

From thrilling extra missions, exclusive outfits, to gameplay boosts and free weapons – the Ultimate Edition is for those who like to have it all and experience the game with all the possible trimmings.

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Furthermore, if you plan to spend a lot of time playing Red Dead Online, the Ultimate Edition offers certain advantages such as quicker rank advancement and free access to additional weapons.

This could provide a more immersive and richly rewarding online gaming experience.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, pure gaming experience, the Standard edition is your best bet.

But if you want a loaded, immersive experience with lots of bonuses and enhancements, and you’re willing to shell out the extra cash, then the Ultimate Edition will be worth the investment.


In essence, everything boils down to your gaming preference, time commitment, and budget. Both editions tend to be an excellent choice for experiencing Red Dead Redemption 2. 

However, if you’re looking for more, then you know which option to choose. Remember, what matters is that you’re enjoying what you bought. With that in mind, grab your saddles, and start your journey!

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