How to Get to Hermit Village in Elden Ring. Easy to Follow Guide

How to Get to Hermit Village in Elden Ring. Easy to Follow Guide

Have you ever found yourself questioning how you could get your hands on the location of the eerie Hermit Village in Elden Ring?

You’ve found yourself at the right place, fellow Elden Ring fanatics. The area is no joke; it is home to the newest items, quests, and characters that will play a great role in your advancements in this world.

However, before getting into the juicy bits of this fairly large village, let’s first understand where this overly hyped-up village really is.

Location of Hermit Village

The Hermit is located in Mt. Gelmir, which can be found in the southeast of the Volcano. We know it is a small region, but there’s nothing petty about this village.

via Elden Ring Wiki

Now you could take multiple routes to get to this place, but we recommend that you choose ours. Why? Simply because it is the most effective of them all.

The Best Route

Our journey starts with going to the Altus Plateau; this can be done by using the Medallion halves for the Grand Lift of Dectus. After you’ve docked at the infamous plateau, you must head straight towards Wyndham Ruins. 

Moreover, it has come to our notice that the bosses you encounter on your way are dangerous enough to claim your life with no more than a single attack if you aren’t strong enough. This is why we insist that you strengthen yourself before you make the journey. 

Seethewater Terminus Sit of Grace

After you’ve arrived at the ruins, it is important that you consider your options and then head directly towards the west of the ruins. That’s when you’ll eventually find yourself at the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace.

A rocky and mountainous area that has an ominous radiance about it, and you just can’t put your finger around it. The journey doesn’t end anytime soon, given that you will be making your way to Fort Laiedd next by heading south. 

Boss’s on the Way?

And who said that this journey would be bump-free? Very soon, you will encounter vengeful enemies like Magma Wyrm, who being a field boss, would be in no mood to listen to your plead if you falter. This is why we suggest that you must be mentally prepared, or else the enemies might just devour you.

Don’t worry though; there’s a catch to this whole situation, meaning that you could avoid the boss and continue to move. The reason for this is quite straightforward, being a field boss, it isn’t necessary for a player to overcome this dragon, and thus, you may proceed.

via Elden Ring Wiki

However, defeating it would grant you 19,000 Runes and a Dragon Heart. So you better weigh your options well and make the right move. 

Hermit’s Shack

After you’ve arrived at Fort Laeidd, you may continue to go southeast. As you make your way, you’re bound to encounter enemies like the Rune Bear and possibly even demi-humans. Fend them off as swiftly as possible, and continue going downstream.

After you’ve reached the Hermit’s Shack, it is time that you finally head east to the Craftsman Shack.

Craftsman’s Shack

At last, you’re at the final destination before getting to the Hermit Village. This shack is like no other, a place where you can find the Errant Sorcerer Robes and Pulley Crossbows, crafted by smiths who knew their art quite well.

via Elden Ring Wiki

After enjoying your time here, you must continue to head east to get to your final destination, and that is… “The Hermit Village”.

Why Hermit Village?

You see, Hermit Village isn’t just a dot on the expanding world of Elden Rings; it’s more like a dragon waiting for its prey in a den.

The reason is quite simple, it is home to a spell called Comet Azur Sorcery, one of the most powerful spells in the world. Yeah, it holds that much significance over the other villages.

Comet Azur Sorcery Spell

There’s only one way to get a hold of this devastating fiend of magic, and that is through the Primeval Sorcerer Azur. As you enter the village, you must find Azur, who can be seen sitting near the cliffs right on the northeast side of the village. After you’re there, interact with the sorcerer and ask him about the legendary spell.

via Its Shatter

But before you do that, you need to fill in a few requirements. Your intelligence must be no less than 60, and you must understand that the spell itself uses 3 slots and requires 40 FP (Focus point). Additionally, your Arcane must equal 0 and balm! you’re set to use the spell of legend.

Narrative Importance

As fond followers of Elden Ring, we all must appreciate the narrative value behind each location, and The Hermit Village just happens to stand out the most. 

Solely based on the information we’ve been visually given, it can be speculated that it was once a thriving community that, unfortunately, fell into utter ruin and was abandoned by most of its inhabitants. It is possible that the few remaining residents may have chosen to live in isolation, possibly because of the dangers of the surrounding area. 

via IGN

Additionally, the existence of Comet Azur Sorcerey spell proves that this village may have been a part of the Golden Age of Sorcery. Moreover, It can be concluded that it may very well have been home to great power and knowledge in the distant past.

The residents being a mixture of both Demi-Humans and sorcerers, speak plenty about its legacy, making it the foundation for any player who wishes to learn more about the lore and history of Elden Ring.

Tips for Your Journey to Hermit Village

No matter how much of an understanding you may think you have, taking caution is never an option you could slack on when playing Elden Ring. Especially when you’ll be venturing on a voyage that is comprised of hundreds of kilometers so, Here are some handy tips you’ll need to give you an edge during your journey. 

1. Plan Beforehand

Before you take your leave, you must ensure the number of health potions and other consumables you have are sufficient. Why?

It is simply because the challenges, as we’ve discussed, will by no means be easy, and being prepared in advance can make a difference day and night.

2. Take Advantage

Sites of Grace’s aren’t just for show, you know; they replenish your health and help you to recover from battle. They also act as checkpoints which means that you don’t have to worry; even if you die, you will spawn right back to the last Sit of Grace you’ve been to.

via EuroGamer

And that’s not all, because they also allow players to fast travel from one Site of Grace to another, meaning that the next time you could skip your journey directly to the Craftsman Shack. 

3. Backup Plan

The reason we’ve been stressing so hard over the Site of Grace is that if you supposedly engage in a battle. You get your ass beat and are on the brink of death and you eventually do die. There’s no way that you’d lose all of the progress you’ve made if you had saved a checkpoint close by. 

Now, on the other hand, if you hadn’t, you’d be raging like your average Fortnite enthusiast after their mom unplugged their Xbox for a second. Therefore, Backup plans are a necessity in this world because, without them, you’re one step away from becoming a dragon’s food.

4. Be Stealthy

Elden Ring offers a variety of stealth mechanics, and not abusing them is outrageous and dangerous at the same time, especially over something this chancing.

via Twinfinite

Use the tall grass to avoid direct confrontation with enemies so that you can get there as quickly as possible without risking your life.

We urge that you do this, particularly when you’re dealing with a group of enemies, or if you really want the drops bad, you can still be stealthy about it and get the first strike on them.

This would catch the enemies off guard and could definitely turn the tides in your favor, gamer!

NPC Engagement

We understand how boring an adventure of this length could possibly be, which is why we encourage you to take an interest in the lore of this journey.

How would you do that depends entirely on your approach, but the simplest way to go about it is by maximizing NPC engagement.

And the content you’ll get is arguably enough to last a lifetime, and that’s coming from readers like us. Take our word for it; you will not be disappointed! 


If you find yourself to be too weak to pull through this journey, we would recommend that you call upon your mate and work through this together. Now, obviously, it would reduce the drops you were originally getting, but it is also important to note that it’s definitely better than nothing.

via IGN

This way, not only would you be able to swipe the floor clean with the bosses like Magma Wyrm, but would also make it through much faster than you could’ve alone. After all, the goal is to reach Hermit Village, not to collect boss drops.

Potential Enemies

Now it is unrealistic to assume that you’ll be getting out of this unscathed, but the max we could do is to maximize our knowledge about the enemies we may encounter within The Hermit Village.

This would allow for a smooth encounter to go by, and you might just survive.


Don’t take these beasts lightly primarily because they are in no shape or form like the Demi-Humans you often see in anime.

These small feral creatures have no limit to their violence in spite of the intelligence they uphold. You must uphold strategy above all and approach them with care.

via Elden Ring Wiki

Ranged Attacks

Maintaining your distance is key in these battles; use weapons like bows, crossbows, or spells to attack.

Of course, this also includes using weapons with a wide swing so that you can hit multiple enemies at once and maintain your distance.


Make sure you’re equipped with a shield so that you can block any incoming attacks and then counter them with a physical attack or a spell. This is highly effective against demi-humans equipped with melee weapons.

Demi-Human Cheifs

If you thought a regular demi-human was problematic, this bestial creature clearly stands out. With an HP that’s multiple folds over your average Demi-Human, this one’s a real threat.

via Player Assist

It walks on all four legs and has daggers in each paw; if you encounter a group of demi-humans with a chief, you must focus on killing the chief first.

Because once the chief dies, the rest scatter around, losing hope of being able to fend you off. There are some methods you could possibly opt for to kill this demon of nature.

One-handed or Larger Weapons

A chief is no joke, and their speed is out of this world which is why a quick one-handed weapon is needed to abruptly strike whenever there’s an opening that can be exploited.

Of course, you could also go for a larger weapon, and the only reason we suggest this is because it may be able to take out some of the minions while you’re at it because you can’t avoid them forever. As for the rest, follow the same strategies you did for an avg average demi-human

Glinstone Sorcerer

These sorcerers are the scholars who study at different academies in hopes of gaining unrivaled knowledge. And just like Demi-Humans they too have weaknesses that we can exploit.

via Elden Ring Wiki

Weakness to Physical Damage

Unlike the elite Twinsage Sorcerer, The Glinstone Sorcerers are not in line with high-tier magic and can be dealt with by using close-quarter physical attacks.

Of course, this is heavily reliant on your own durability, but considering how you made it this far to the hermit village, you should be more than strong enough to deal with this joke.

Potential Loot

The amount of treasury that you could accumulate both during the journey and in this village goes all the way to an astronomical numerical value.

The possibilities are endless, which is why we’ll be discussing some of the finest items you can obtain from this adventure.  

Spelldrake Talisman

We’ve already established that it isn’t possible for you not to encounter a Rune Bear on the way and the loot it gives is of quite the interest to some of you lurkers.

via Game8

You see, with an outstanding health of 3,311, this bear drops no less than 2,600 Runes along with the Spelldrake Talisman.

A Spelldrake Talisman is quite the powerhouse, given that it reduces all magic damage by a total of 13 percent. However, the effect may or not be reduced during a PvP (played versus player) to a whole number that goes as low as 4 percent.

Nevertheless, The selling value is usually 100 runes, so it’s better to put it to use instead of trying to gain a profit because, unfortunately, you won’t be getting one.  

Great Knife

This dagger is a rare drop from the Demi-Humans; it can only be scaled by looking at its Strength. Plus, it is a good counter to use against the chief of these feral creatures mainly due to its speed. A rare drop not being upgradeable; is that even possible in this world?


It isn’t, which is why this knife can most certainly be upgraded, and that too by the use of Smithing Stones. Additionally, imbuing it with the Ashes of War is also an option given that both work spectacularly with boosting its useability. 

Dragon Heart

If you decide to go ahead and take part in the boss battle against Magma Wyrm and somehow emerge victorious, You will be getting “The Dragon Heart”. It is an item that can practically be used to gain a special magical incantation spell.

Here’s how it works, you must take your dragon heart to the Church of Dragon Communication or the Cathedral of Dragon Communication.

via DiamondLobby

Once there, you may go to the statue that’s beside the dragon’s corpse, and that’s where you’d give up the infamous heart of a dragon. Not for nothing, though, considering how you’ll then be able to choose an incantation for yourself.

It could either be Dragon Fire which by all means does justice to its name, Dragon Claw, or Dragonmaw. However, there might just be a little problem with the incantations obtained from this ritual.

Dragon Fire has 28 FP, and it requires Faith 20 and Arcane to be 18. Whereas Dragon Claw has an FP of 42, and it requires Faith 20 and Arcane 18. The most devastating of all, Dragon Maw has an FP of a whopping 60, and it requires a Faith of 20 and Arcane 25.

Considering these stats, each of these incantations appears to be a powerful spell, and you must make your own based on your necessities, fellow gamer. This is primarily due to the fact that these spells are what just might make you more formidable in battle moving on.


It seems that we all can agree that going on a journey to the Land of Hermit is certainly not for the faint-hearted. You’ll definitely be facing various adversaries and problems but keep on pushing because you’re no longer a clueless noob when it comes to navigating your way to the Hermit Village.

Make sure you enjoy the lore that you’ll be getting from this prolonged adventure. So, now grab your equipment and the knowledge you’ve learned and bash through those doors to finally reach The Hermit Village!

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