Where is Gavin in RDR2? – Everything We Know!

Where is Gavin in RDR2

Wanted by many, but only showing himself to the fortunate ones, Gavin has become somewhat of a mystery in the world of RDR2. Finding him without a lead is same as going down a rabbit hole, but he’s not that elusive to the eye either. 

Gavin cannot be seen, he’s a fiction of imagination due to Nigel’s dissociative identity disorder. You can find Nigel at one of the following locations to hear more about this story:

  1. Saint Denis
  2. MacFarlane’s Ranch
  3. Rhodes
  4. Northeast of Elysian Pool
  5. Northern trail of Lake Don Julio
  6. Roanoke Forests
  7. Blackwater

Having said that, trying to look for him without a strategy can be a massive pain. So, in this article, we’re going to be theory-crafting the identity of Gavin to make your search easier. So, let’s jump right in!

Finding Nigel

Nigel will spawn at random at the previously mentioned locations on numerous occasions. You don’t need to put any additional effort into tracking him since his loud yelling, and extraordinary behavior is enough to make him stick out like a sore thumb. 

Once you’ve encountered and talked to him, Nigel will begin narrating how he – along with his friend Gavin, decided to leave Britain together in order to find a new life. 

However, things didn’t go as planned, and Gavin was gone when Nigel woke up in United States. Now, he’s on constant search for his lost friend. 

Can You Find Gavin In The Game?

The short answer is no; Gavin does not exist as an NPC in the game, neither is he mentioned anywhere in the story. You can meet Nigel in 1907, and hear about Gavin. However, as for Gavin himself, you’d have to pass out. 

It’s also suggested that Gavin might have left Nigel due to an argument sparked between the two. Nonetheless, Nigel’s unkept clothing and outlook suggests he’s been on the lookout for his friend for way too long. 

Who Could Gavin Be? Speculations and Theories

While there’s no official word from the creators, we’re free to judge who the person behind so much mystery might be. 

  • One fan theory suggests that Gavin could be Gavin-free who works at Achievement Hunter with Jack Pattillo, and Geoff Ramsey. However, it’s near impossible meeting him considering he’s always off the track because of his filming projects. 
  • Considering how Nigel hinted Gavin was ‘taken’ by someone, it’s also likely that he’s already long gone from the world. 
  • Nigel might not have a disorder since Tom’s letter mentions how Gavin used to send him letters, and vice versa. 
  • It’s also suggested that the boy in the basement of the Rhodes is Gavin. However, the age factor makes it very unlikely, but since the mystery has not yet been cleared –  it might just be him!


In conclusion, the enigmatic figure of Gavin in RDR2 has captivated players and sparked a myriad of theories and speculations. Despite Nigel’s relentless search, Gavin remains an elusive character who cannot be found within the game.

The various theories presented, from connections to real-life individuals to possible in-game identities, only serve to deepen the intrigue surrounding this elusive figure.

However, it’s essential to remember that Gavin’s existence, or lack thereof, serves as a unique narrative device that adds depth and immersion to the game world.

Whether or not Gavin’s true identity is ever revealed, the mystery surrounding him has undoubtedly captured the imaginations of RDR2 players and continues to fuel discussions and theories.

Ultimately, the enigma of Gavin showcases the power of storytelling in video games, demonstrating how a single character can inspire curiosity and engagement among players.



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