Should I Kill Patches in Elden Ring? Kill or Save

Should I Kill Patches in Elden Ring? Kill or Save

We know you’re thinking should I kill patches in Elden Ring right now and it’s not because we are mind readers. 

As you stroll through Elden Rings you’re bound to encounter the mother of all moral codes, Patches!  As ferocious as the name sounds, there’s no need to get rid of it if you simply wish to advance in Elden Rings. Quite convenient, right?

Nevertheless, Despite the comfort it provides along with the obvious nuisance, it does later on beg the question within the community if one should really Kill Patches or not. To understand what must be done, we must first conceive the effect of keeping the deceptive little creature alive.

If Patches Is Kept Alive

Despite the questionable behavior that seems to linger with this character, it does have something to offer.

Patches looking sideways

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To subdue this devious deceiver one must not kill it but damage it to the point it yields. Upon its defeat, the trickster can be used as a merchant given that it adopts the shape of your average NPC.

He’s Basically like a pop-up shop and if he’s killed we rob ourselves of the opportunity to avail the services of a full-time merchant which can definitely be disadvantageous as the game progresses itself.

Secondly, Patches does possess quite an exciting story given that it has a set of quests that can be played as it reveals more and more about the character itself. Killing one would, in turn, have us miss out on these intriguing storylines and rare loot, robbing enthusiasts like me and you of the best gaming experience possible.

Additionally, Despite the ever-so-annoying habit of the patches setting traps, they do come in handy in the most unexpected of ways.

For example, there are instances where previously bothersome tricks lead us to new possibilities. Hidden areas and secret loot that your average player would otherwise overlook.

These areas can now be drained as much as you require giving us the most optimal gaming experience we could ask for from Elden Rings.

And this was only possible because of our friend Patches himself. Now that we’ve gone over the case for keeping him alive, it’s only fair that we explore the other side.

If Patches Is Killed

Despite the possible richness, it can provide to your role-playing experience, it could very well ruin it for you at the same time. When you’re in the early stages of playing the game you’d definitely need some extra equipment to back you up in your upcoming fights, right?

Well that’s where patches come in as upon his death he drops exclusive items that benefit you, a new player, considerably. This allows for a much easier experience, especially with a game like Elden Rings which has a reputation for being quite the hard nut to crack.

Damaged Patches

via AOTF

Secondly, We have already discussed the apocalyptical trickery of this creature and how he binds you in his shackles of lies and deceit.

Considering all of this, killing one would be comparable to cutting the snake off its head. As such a move would not allow for future traps to stem and you can proceed with your journey without constantly being vary of the Patches pranks. You’d definitely feel much more at ease when you hope to play Elden Rings again.

Finally, I’d Like to talk about whether or not you’re a role-playing character with strong moral principles. Because if you are, you might feel the immediate compulsion of wanting to kill Patches. And rightfully so, because you stand correct from a moral and role-playing standpoint.

Let’s be fair, he has proved himself to be entirely deceitful and potentially even harmful, if not kept within bounds. Now that we’ve gone over and understood both of the potential situations. let’s carry ourselves right to the climax.

Decision Making


This is where we’ll learn how exactly the decision that suits us the best would be made. Of course, when it comes to decision making our indecisive nature gets the best of us but Don’t worry! We’ve got your back!  We present to you a few aspects to consider when making such a decision:

1. Character Alignment

You could potentially dictate your decision based on the moral principles/values of your character. This works especially well if you’re role-playing, as we’ve discussed above.

If such an act is in accordance with the morality of your character’s nature, it is justified. If it’s the other way around and your character does believe in second chances then you may let him live. The decision relies entirely on your character’s moral standing.

2.  Playstyle

Your play style also comes into account when making such a choice, it entirely depends on the type of gameplay you prefer. Would rather have a pathway free of any traps, essentially a safe route.

Or would you rather prefer a path that’s difficult to conquer but once captured could lead to additional rewards as compensation for the added effort? Because remember well, even with or without the patches the game would go on as planned.

3. Instant Gratification

Now, we all know that killing the patches would grant you of some unique rewards which as discussed can help you especially if you’re starting out. In spite of knowing that we’re also aware that completing the quests given to us by patches could also result in additional rewards,

The only difference that separates the two is that one is instant and the other comes with a delay. Now knowing this the choice depends entirely on you if you require immediate rewards or long-term rewards. The amount of desperation you have is what dictates this choice.

Our Opinion

We, personally, would recommend that Patches are kept alive because of the fact that they add much more value in comparison to them just not being there at all. You could take advantage of his merchant services, citing his quests, etc.

Elden Rings gives you the distinct opportunity of formulating your own narrative. To sum it all up, It’s simply a personal choice that reflects itself directly on your gameplay preferences and your tolerance for the deceit that he brings.


At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Because let’s be honest, Elden Rings is not known to spoon-feed its players the right choice, Even in the community of Elden Rings, we have mixed opinions regarding the existence of patches.

Some view this anomaly as an unnecessary nuisance while others believe that his presence enhances the gameplay and adds a sense of richness and depth to the game.

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