Days Gone Grotto Cave Horde – Complete Walkthrough & Guide

Days Gone

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Days Gone Grotto Cave Horde – Complete Walkthrough & Guide

Days Gone Grotto Cave Horde – Complete Walkthrough & Guide

Dive headfirst into the challenge of the Grotto Cave Horde in the action-packed world of Days Gone.

This guide offers practical strategies and tips to overcome one of the game’s toughest horde encounters, irrespective of your level of experience.

In the heart of the Grotto Cave, you’ll face a menacing horde of Freakers. With the cave’s ominous shadows and daunting echoes, this challenge requires careful planning and quick thinking.

Our aim is to equip you with the right tactics and weapon selections, allowing you to efficiently use your environment and take down the horde effectively.

Gear up, strategize, and get ready to face the horrifying Grotto Cave Horde. The battle is about to begin!

Getting Started: Knowing Your Target

Before we head directly into the walkthrough, there are some metrics you need to be aware of in order to ensure you survive the onslaught of the horde within. 

In total, the Grotto Cave Horde is 75 units strong, and is located in the cascade region. In order to reach this horde, you first need to clear the “It’s Not Safe Here” mission. 

After that, it’s all up to luck since the Grotto Cave Horde’s location tends to jump between three core areas:

Keep in mind that these are just the daytime locations; it’s significantly harder to find and battle the Grotto Cave Horde at night. 

Planning Ahead: Your Main Loot Points

No cave horde is conquered without a bit of pre-preparation. You need to be best equipped with those mollys and nades in order to ensure no challenge is too difficult. 

However, going to the extreme end of the map just to prepare is not very time efficient, and thankfully, there are decently adequate item spots near Grotto Cave Horde that will do just fine in supplying you with good loot. 

1. Power Station – Cascade Region

You basically need to move exactly where the triangle is located on the map. Ascend the stairs, get on the top, and grab as much as you can. You’ll be getting items like:

  • Proximity Mine
  • Med Kit
  • Flash Bomb

And so much more!

2. Marion Forks – Belknap Region

Once here, use the bundled hay to climb the top of the houses in order to enter the second floor. Its an easy loot spot for proximity mines, and considering the sheer size of the loot area, you’d be able to find your fair share of goodies. 

3. Old Wagon Hotel – Belknap Region

Same story here, you need to access  the window area by using the air conditioner outers. In the second window, you’ll also find a dead body. While it’s not of any use to your current mission, think of it as an easter egg if you will. 

Developing Your Strategy – The Best Method For Clearing Grotto Cave Horde

Sure, the best way of experiencing the game is to strike everything head-on. But if you’re having difficulty battling tens of hundreds of zombie-like creatures, then it might be time to throw in that towel for a quick and easy clear.

We’re going to use a simple approach, and hopefully try to clear every freak without paying an arm and a leg for it:

  • Head inside, and keep taking the left on each turn until you reach a pit full of the horde. Don’t dive in just yet!


  • Grab an attractor from your inventory, and throw it right in the middle of the horde. Now, wait for the freakers to clump up in one spot.

  • Throw the frag grenade on top of the attractor, wait for the first to explode, throw in the second one and move back to make space for the (roughly 14-15) freakers to climb up. 

  • Now, let it rip on them with your trusty gun, and that’s it!

Compared to battling out 75 units right from the start, 15 is a significantly toned down number. Plus, you also gain the high ground advantage, so it’s never a fair battle for the horde. If you execute everything perfectly, this horde will take a little less than a minute to be cleared!

General Tips For Clearing The Grotto Caves Horde

When preparing to clear the Grotto Caves Horde, it’s crucial to understand your environment. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the cave, as knowing where to run, hide, and set traps can significantly improve your chances of survival. Equipping the right weapons is also essential.

A high-capacity machine gun can mow down Freakers, while explosives like grenades and molotovs can eliminate large groups simultaneously.

Remember, ammo can be scarce in Days Gone, so use it wisely. Try to group the Freakers together before using explosives to maximize damage.

Attractors can be a lifesaver when dealing with hordes, as they can group Freakers together before you throw a grenade or molotov.

via DSOGaming

One of the most important strategies is to keep moving. Staying in one place for too long can be deadly. Always keep moving and try to funnel the Freakers into narrow areas where you can deal with them more easily.

Use the environment to your advantage, as explosive barrels and other environmental hazards can deal massive damage to the horde.

Always have an escape route in mind. If things get too intense, you’ll need a quick way to get out of danger. It’s easy to panic when facing a horde of Freakers, but staying calm and sticking to your plan is key to survival.

Before tackling the horde, make sure your character is well-equipped with the necessary skills. Skills that increase your stamina, health, and weapon damage can be particularly useful. Lastly, don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first try.

Each attempt will give you a better understanding of the horde’s behavior and the cave’s layout. Keep trying, and you’ll eventually overcome the Grotto Cave Horde.


There you have it, folks! With these strategies and tips, you’re now better equipped to face the daunting Grotto Cave Horde in Days Gone. Remember, understanding your environment, using the right weapons, conserving your ammo, and keeping calm are all crucial to your success.

Don’t forget to use distractions and the environment to your advantage, and always have an escape route in mind. With practice and perseverance, you’ll be able to overcome this challenge and emerge victorious. So gear up, strategize, and dive headfirst into the action-packed world of Days Gone.

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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