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Days Gone

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Days Gone: He Can’t Be Far Mission Walkthrough

Days Gone He Can't Be Far

Days Gone He Can’t Be Far is the first mission in the videogame developed by SIE Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

He Can’t Be Far starts immediately after the game’s prologue, and it is one of the missions included in Chasing Leon Storyline.

This mission begins two years after the Outbreak, when Deacon’s wife, Sarah, died.

Now Deacon and Boozer, are bounty hunters, exploring what’s left of Oregon. As they travel on the empty roads, they find Alvarez, one of the survivors who was beaten to death by Leon.

Deacon and Boozer, seek revenge on Leon.

The following walkthrough will teach you:

  • How to start He Can’t Be Far
  • How to chase down Leon in Days Gone He Can’t Be Far mission

Mission Details

Region: Cascade
Quest Giver(s): Deacon, Boozer
Rewards: N/A
Storyline: Chasing Leon
Unlocking Condition: Watch the Prologue
Description: “Chase a bounty, Leon, through the Cascade Wilderness.”

How to Start He Can’t Be Far

This mission starts automatically once Deacon and Boozer find Alvarez.

After the short dialogue during which Deacon finds out that Alvarez wasn’t attacked by Freakers, you’ll see Leon riding down the street nearby.

Deacon and Boozer jump on their bikes and start chasing Leon.

How to Chase Down Leon in Days Gone He Can’t Be Far Mission

How to Chase Down Leon in Days Gone He Can’t Be Far Mission

To chase down Leon, all you have to do is to remain on the street avoiding all obstacles.

This mission is actually a tutorial which introduces you to the driving mechanics in Days Gone.

Press and hold R2 to accelerate, and stay behind Boozer and Leon. As you keep following Leon, he’ll soon start throwing Molotovs on the ground.

Avoid the flames as you’ll take damage.

At one point, Leon will take a left turn and you’ll enter a narrow country road. You can use the ramp on the right side to keep up with Leon and Boozer.

After you cross the wooden bridge, stick to the right side of the road to jump on another ramp.

When you return to the highway, another feature will be introduced. Press X to boost Deacon’s bike and catch up with Leon.

Keep pressing X and you’ll eventually reach the spot where Leon drops his bike.

After a small cutscene showing Deacon and Boozer taking cover to avoid Leon’s bullets, the mission ends and you’ll start automatically the next mission in line, named We’ll Make It Quick.

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