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Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Bad Way to Go Out Mission Walkthrough

Days Gone Bad Way to Go Out

Days Gone Bad Way to Go Out is the fourth mission featured in the latest videogame developed by SIE Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

Bad Way to Go Out, is a continuation of the previous mission named I Say We Head North, and it starts automatically when Deacon and Boozer reach a tunnel on their way to Crazy Willie’s garage.

Without his bike, Deacon must find a fuel pump to replace the one Leon destroyed while he was chased. On their way to Crazy Willie’s, Deacon and Boozer must cross a tunnel which has been occupied by Freakers.

To make things easier, Boozer agrees to give Deacon his shotgun.

This walkthrough will help you finish Bad Way to Go Out and will explain:

  • How to walk point through the tunnel
  • How to burn a Freakers Nest
  • How to get on the bike

Mission Details

Region: Cascade
Quest Giver(s): Deacon, Boozer
Rewards: N/A
Storyline(s): I Remember, Gear Up for the Ride
Unlocking Condition: Complete I Say We Head North
Description: “Walk point through the infested Belknap Tunnel”


How to Start Bad Way to Go Out

Bad Way to Go Out is automatically triggered when Deacon and Boozer approach a tunnel while driving to Crazy Willie’s garage.

In order to proceed, Deacon agrees to investigate the tunnel ahead, while Boozer remains on his bike. During this mission, you get access to Boozer’s shotgun.

How to Walk Point Through the Tunnel

Days Gone How to Walk Point Through the TunnelThe moment you enter the tunnel it is imperative to start using Deacon’s Survival Vision. Make sure you investigate every car and every room.

Gathering crafting materials is very important in Days Gone. Start with the red car on the right side of the tunnel, and open the hood to get some Scrap.

Move forward and in the trunk of a blue car you’ll find a Rag.

Continue to advance through the tunnel, constantly pressing R3 to activate the Survival Vision.

As you move deeper, Deek will find a Swarmer Nest. Although this is not a bright idea, he will automatically set it on fire and you’ll soon have to face 3 Swarmers.

Days Gone Swarmer NestTake them out using Boomer’s shotgun, or if you prefer, use your knife.

Now that you have dealt with the first nest, continue to move deeper into the tunnel, and on the right side, you’ll see a white car. The Freakers nearby will trigger the car’s alarm so make sure you take them out as fast as you can, then disable the alarm by pressing Square while in front of it.

Next, keep moving towards the exit and take the left corridor close to the police car. Before entering; however, get the ammo in the truck.

Stay alert while inside the corridor because a Freaker will bust in through the door on the left side. Escape by tapping the button on your screen, then fully explore the corridor and every room.

On the other side, you’ll have to push a car to clear the way for Boozer. Simply stay in front of it and press Square.

Now that Boozer is close to you, keep moving slowly and you’ll trigger another alarm. The sound comes from a white car on the right side of the main tunnel.

Take the Freakers out and then disable the alarm. Next, you should enter the corridor on the right side using the broken grate behind the white car.

Loot everything you find in the rooms ahead, then return to the main tunnel and continue to explore it.

As you progress killing more Freakers you’ll reach a second nest.

How to Burn a Freakers Nest

Days Gone How to Burn a Freakers Nest Unfortunately, Boozer doesn’t have another Molotov Cocktail ready so you’ll have to create your own.

Approach the bike and press Square to get some Kerosene and a Beer Bottle.

Now, open the Crafting Menu by pressing L1, then select the Throwables Menu with the Left Thumbstick.

While keeping L1 pulled, press R1 to craft a Molotov Cocktail.

With the Molotov Cocktail in your hand, press L2 to aim and R2 to throw it to the Freaker Nest on the right side of the tunnel (pictured above).

Kill the Freakers that come out from the hole to complete your objective.

How to Get on the Bike

Days Gone How to Get on the BikeOnce you completely clear the tunnel, continue to look for more crafting materials, and when you’re ready to finish the mission approach Boozer’s bike and press Square to get on it.

The final cutscene shows Boozer and Deacon reaching Crazy Willie’s garage. The current mission ends, and you’ll start You Got a Death Wish.

I Remember and Gear Up for the Ride Storylines are updated, and you will also unlock He’s My Brother Storyline.

Since Crazy Willie’s garage is a Freaker Infestation Zone, you’ll also start the Infestation Exterminator Storyline.

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