Far Cry New Dawn Rusty SMG 11 Weapon Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty SMG-11 Weapon Location

Far Cry New Dawn Rusty SMG 11 Weapon Location

The Far Cry New Dawn SMG-11 is a Rank 1 SMG featured in the video game developed by  for PlayStation 4PC and Xbox One.

This specific weapon also appeared in Far Cry 5, while in Far Cry 2 was known as MAC-10. It is a rapid-fire machine pistol with high accuracy but low damage.

As a basic weapon, you can craft it very early in Far Cry New Dawn, using only common crafting materials.

The following guide explains where to find the SMG-11 in Far Cry New Dawn and how to craft it at the workbench.


“When you’ve got so much love to give, but you only have one hand.”

General Information

Rank: 1
Weapon Type: SMG
Range: Medium
Accuracy: High
Handling: Medium
Damage: 33
RPM: 800
Magazine: 30
Similar Weapons: N/A

Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty SMG-11 Location

If you can’t find the Rusty SMG-11 while looting your enemies, or through exploration, you can craft it at the workbench in Prosperity.

The Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty SMG-11 requires a Level 0 workbench because it’s a Rank 1 weapon.

Rusty SMG-11 Crafting Materials

To craft the Rusty SMG-11 in Far Cry New Dawn you’ll need the following Crafting Materials.

All of the materials listed in the table below can be obtained by looting dead enemies, completing activities (HuntingFishingTreasure Hunts); or by exploring the environment, especially the Looting Locations.

Material:  Amount:
Gears 65
Duct Tape 65

How to Use Effectively

With reduced firepower, the Rusty SMG-11 is the basic version of all SMGs in Far Cry New Dawn.

Just like other Rank-1 weapons (Rusty 1911Rusty .44 Magnum), this SMG is good early in the game, but it will soon become ineffective as you progress through the story.

Because of its high-capacity magazine, the Rusty SMG-11 is a reliable weapon in medium and close-quarter combat, especially when the enemies are grouped.

The weapon’s capacity to hold a large number of bullets; however, is traded for damage; thus you might want to replace it with a better version as soon as you have enough crafting materials.

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