Far Cry New Dawn Rusty MP5 Weapon Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One
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Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty MP5 Weapon Location

Far Cry New Dawn Rusty MP5 Weapon Location

The Far Cry New Dawn Rusty MP5 is a Rank 1 submachine gun featured in the video game developed by  for PlayStation 4PC and Xbox One.

It is a basic SMG which requires only common crafting materials. This weapon appeared in almost every Far Cry video game, including Far Cry 5.

In Far Cry New Dawn, the Rusty MP5 it’s available early in the game, being a craftable weapon. Unless you find it while exploring; you can get the MP5 from the workbench in Prosperity.

The following guide explains where to find the Rusty MP5 in Far Cry New Dawn and how to craft it at the workbench.


“This submachine aged well but it’s older on the inside.”

General Information

Rank: 1
Weapon Type: Submachine Gun
Range: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Handling: Medium
Damage: 34
RPM: 810
Magazine: 24
Similar Weapons: Makeshift MP34, Makeshift MP40, Optimized VECTOR.45 ACP, Optimized MP5SD, “Belt It Out” BZ19

Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty MP5 Location

If you can’t find the Rusty MP5 while looting your enemies, or through exploration, you can craft it at the workbench in Prosperity.

The Far Cry: New Dawn Rusty MP5 requires a Level 0 workbench because it’s a Rank 1 weapon.

Rusty MP5 Crafting Materials

To craft the Rusty MP5 in Far Cry New Dawn you’ll need the following Crafting Materials.

All of the materials listed in the table below can be obtained by looting dead enemies, completing activities (Hunting, Fishing, Treasure Hunts); or by exploring the environment, especially the Looting Locations.

Material:  Amount:
Duct Tape 78
Components 78

How to Use Effectively

A bit more powerful than the Rusty SMG-11, the Rusty MP5 features a smaller magazine but it has an improved fire rate.

Other than that, its stats are similar to those of an SMG-11. As such, it is a weapon quite effective in medium and close-quarter fights when enemies are grouped.

Later in the game, there are better options; meaning that you can successfully replace it with weapons of higher rank, assuming you have enough materials to craft them.

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