Ark Genesis Part 2 Noglin Guide: Where To Find, How To Tame

Ark Genesis 2 Noglin

Ark: Genesis Part 2 is the latest release by Studio Wildcard, and everyone wants to play it. The game has several monsters and creatures which you can pet and tame. One such creature is Noglin. Noglin is a special and rare creature that is tiny in size. Taming the creature is not easy as it will cost you the lives of many of your tamed creatures. This guide will include all the details on how to find and tame a Noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2.

Where to find Noglin and How to Tame it in Ark: Genesis Part 2

Noglin is a parasitic creature that takes control of a creature’s mind and body. It can then control its movement and attack patterns. As the host creature is being controlled, it will constantly lose its health. Because of their biologically small size, they can be tough to find. You might be exploring the areas and might pass by one without even notice. Rockwell Gardens and the Rockwell Caves have the highest chance of spawning these creatures. You will have to explore those areas thoroughly to find a Noglin.

Taming Noglin is quite a unique and tricky process. To tame Noglin, you will need to use your already tamed creatures as sacrifices to Noglin. The more the creatures a Noglin takes control of, the more chance you have of taming the creature.

One way to do this is to gather a few of the tame creatures that are non-hostile towards you. Noglin will keep on taking control of these creatures and will show no signs of hostility towards you. You can check the tame bar to see how the taming is going. You can cage these creatures with Noglin to prevent them from escaping while Noglin takes over their minds. Soon Noglin will be done with the creatures and will be tamed.  

This is how you can find and tame a Noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can get a Canoe,