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How To Get Blue Essence In League of Legends

League of Legends has its own currency called the Blue Essence. If you need to purchase anything in the game, then you will need to have this in your game’s account. Blue Essence is something that can be earned through different methods, such as Champion Capsules, Champion Shards, and by completing various missions. Blue Essence basically replaced IP back in 2016 via the V.722 patch. Since then, i...[Read More]

Dota 2 Tier Guide

Just like most of the competitive online multiplayer games in the world, Dota 2 also has its own ranking system. This ranking system is integrated into the game’s matchmaking queue, something which has given birth to ranked matches. These ranked matches basically put players into a number of different competitive tiers. These tiers are represented in the form of leagues and their medals. Leagues a...[Read More]

Fortnite – How does gifting work?

Fortnite was released two years ago, on July 21, 2017. The game is developed and published by Epic Games. Shortly after its release, the game attracted millions of players because of the unique gameplay it featured. At the moment, it is considered as the top battle royale title above, followed by PUBG and Apex Legends. There are some things that set Fortnite apart from other battle royale titles, ...[Read More]

Fallout 76 Vendors location guide and tips

Fallout 76 was released on November 14, 2018. Player get the chance to explore an open world destroyed by a nuclear war. In the game, you can gather loot from scarping the junk you will find and then turning it into something useful by crafting it. However, there can be time’s when you will start running low on storage, or you will want some new crafting recipes. This is where vendors come in Fall...[Read More]

How To Transfer Minecraft Worlds from PC to Xbox One

In this article we will cover how to transfer Minecraft worlds from PC to Xbox One, we noticed that a lot of gamers struggle with transferring Minecraft worlds from Windows to other platforms. The topics we will cover mainly are: The struggle of transferring How to transfer Minecraft worlds from PC to Xbox One Video explanation Minecraft, the game released in 2011 is still being played by millions...[Read More]

How to Harvest Coral in Minecraft – Minecraft Guide

In Minecraft, you will need various resources for different purposes. If you’re someone who’s looking to how to harvest coral in Minecraft, then the following guide can help you out. In the game, you can make different things using a crafting table and a furnace. However, a tube coral block is something that cannot be made by using these two things. In fact, it is something that you have to gather...[Read More]

How to access Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram

Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram is an annual event for Diablo 3. The event was first introduced in 2017 and has since then been featured in the game every year in January. The event is loved by every player since it allows us to revisit the original 16 levels of Diablo 1. Although we don’t get to see a remastered version of the first Diablo game, the graphics of the 16 levels are modified to look l...[Read More]

How to See Underwater in Minecraft – Minecraft Underwater Guide

When Mojang released their content update Aquatic, it was obvious many players will wonder how to see underwater in Minecraft and that people will need to figure out how to explore the underwater world that was ravelled to them.  In this guide, we try and and explain what you need to do in order to explore the new content update Aquatic and why you should care. You will read about: How to see unde...[Read More]

Pillars of Eternity Defiance Bay Factions Guide – Which Factions You Should Choose

Pillars of Eternity is possibly one of the best RPG titles available out there. The game is played by millions of players every month and they all love it. However, even though the game has been around for quite some time now, the majority of players are still confused about one thing – The Pillars of Eternity.  Almost every other player has one question in mind; that is which faction to cho...[Read More]

God of War – How to Escape From Helheim

This is the God of War escape from helheim walk through. When Kratos and Atreus find themselves trapped in the hellish realm of God of War, they must fight and find their way back into the Midgard and survive. This is a challenging quest that can break many players, but as always, we are here to walk you through it. In this God of War How to Escape Helheim guide, we will show you how to: Reach the...[Read More]

How to Make Minecraft Texture Packs – Step by Step Guide

This is a guide about how to make texture packs for Minecraft. It will walk you through the steps and explain what is needed to make and edit the packs. The Minecraft texture packs are an essential part of the game and you should master the ability to use them. How to make texture packs for Minecraft Texture packs are something that can help you enjoy Minecraft even more. They basically allow you ...[Read More]

Kingdom Come Deliverance How to Repair Armor Guide

Anyone who ever played the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance will tell you that you need a good armor, but what most people miss is that you also need to maintain and repair it. In this Kingdom Come Deliverance how to repair armor guide we will walk you through all the steps of: Why you should keep your armor in good shape How to repair your armor  Some free ways to repair your armor  Explanation on ...[Read More]

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