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Apex Legends Jump Towers, Hot Zones Guide: How Do They Work

Apex Legends Hot Zones

Playing Apex Legends is not just about killing people. You need to figure out a strategy that works for your team. Not only do you need to have the right combination of Legends you also need to take advantage of the map. Hot Zones and Jump Towers are found in the arena and you can use them to your advantage in Apex Legends.

In this guide, we are going to go over how Jump Towers and Hot Zones work in the game. We are also going to go over some tips regarding how you can survive in the Hot Zones.

Hot Zones And Jump Towers In Apex Legends

The following is what you need to know about Hot Zones and Jump Towers in Apex Legends

Hot Zones

Hot Zones are areas on the map that have higher tier gear and weapons. These are marked by mid-sized circles. Not only is the quality of the gear better but the quantity is improved as well. It is possible to pick up weapons that have all the attachments in these locations.

Apex Legends Hot Zones

You also get additional XP for killing players in Hot Zones but as everyone can see these areas on the map you can expect plenty of people to pass through these regions of the arena. Expect resistance.

How To Survive Hot Zones

If you are dropping into a hot zone then rest assured that you are not alone. While you should stick with your team and the Jump Master you should break away when you are about to land. This will allow every player to get some loot.

Once you have found weapons and gear you should communicate with one another and tell each other about enemies that you spot. You can do that even when you do not have any weapons but getting a weapon is going to be priority number one.

Now that you do have a weapon, you should get together as a team and try to take out as many people as possible. You can wait for people to kill each other and pick off the remaining enemies.

Another strategy is to get the loot that you need and leave the area as soon as possible but you need to be very lucky and sneaky for that. In most cases, you are going to have plenty of people dropping in the same Hot Zone. This makes sneaking around and looting very difficult. So you are going to have to take on some enemies.

Jump Towers

See the large Red balloons in the air? These are Jump Towers in Apex Legends. These can be used to traverse the arena quickly and even for getting out of tricky situations quickly.

Interact with then and they will fly you into the air and allow you to redeploy your jet-pack. While the jet-pack is only deployed for a few seconds, you can cover an impressive area in this short time.

Apex Legends Jump Tower

To use the Jump Towers, you need to climb on the top of the red platform and interact with the zip-line. Doing so will fly you to the tower.

Keep in mind that getting to the tower can take some time and if you are focused on getting to the top then you can be open to incoming attacks.

That is all for our Apex Legends Jump Towers and Hot Zones guide. If you are new to the game and are interested in learning more and getting better at it then you can check out our ticks and tricks for Apex Legends.

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