The Division 2 Specializations

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The Division 2 Specialization Guide: Which One Is Best For You?

The Division 2 Specializations

The Division 2 has a couple of specializations which come with unique signature weapons and abilities. In this Division 2 specialization guide, we are going to go over all the specializations in the game and breakdown all of them. At the end of this guide, you will know which one is best for you.

Which Division 2 Specialization Is Best For You?

The game started off with 3 specializations but another one is added each episode. If you have the season pass then you can gain access to the specialization instantly. If not, then you will have to do a couple of missions in order to unlock the specialization.

Unique Specialization Signature Weapons

As we mentioned, each specialization has special signature weapons and abilities. You can pick the specialization that matches your playstyle or the build that you are interested in. Signature weapons are devastatingly powerful when it comes to damage but ammo is very limited. Luckily, ammo does drop during missions and you can pick it up now and then.

Demolitionists can cause signature ammo to drop through explosive kills. Sharpshooters get ammo with headshots. Survivalists get special ammo from enemies killed with active status effects. These are some examples. Signature weapon ammo is highlighted in Orange and you can only pick up a specific amount.

The Survivalist has a crossbow, the Sharpshooter has a sniper, the Demolitionist has a grenade launcher, the Gunner has a mini gatling gun and the Technician has a missile launcher. The upcoming specialization is supposed to have a flame thrower.

Division 2 Specialization

The upcoming specialization is going to be part of the year 2 pass. So even if you have the year 1 pass then you will have to get the new pass in order to access the new content and get access to the new specializations instantly.

Sharpshooter – Sniper Rifle

The sharpshooter has the sniper rifle and in order to get the special ammo, you need to get headshots. The sniper rifle is called TAC-50 C and it can pierce armor. The bullets can even pass through weaker enemies.

Sharpshooter - Sniper Rifle

The sharpshooter is supposed to stay behind and take out enemies from a distance. The following are some of the skills that the Sharpshooter specialization has:

Tactical Link skill

The skill costs 10 points and gives a 10% headshot damage bonus to the entire team. The effect only takes place if they’re closer to the enemy than you are.

One in the Head

This perk can increase headshot damage by 25% at its max tier and it costs 25 points to max out.

My Home is my Castle

Grants extra armor while in cover.

Round After Round

Automatically generates marksman rifle and standard rifle ammo after 20 seconds

Vital Protection

Reduces the risk of taking a critical hit by 20%.

Deft Hands 

Greatly increases reload speed.

Breath Control

It greatly increases weapon stability.

Sharpshooter’s Tactician perk

Scouting drone that locates and identifies enemies to the entire team. This is similar to the pulse skill. This can be upgraded for longer battery life and a higher amount of HP.

With this specialization, you also get the 93R burst-fire pistol as a sidearm. It is hard to justify using this sidearm, as there are other weapons that are much better. Fortunately, you do not have to use it and you can use any sidearm in the game.

Demolitionist – Grenade Launcher

The demolitionist has the M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher. This is an ideal specialization for clearing our mobs of weak enemies or taking out a boss relatively quickly. The specialization is great for crowd control.

The following are the perks of the demolitionist specialization that you need to know about:

Demolitionist Tactical Link

Gives a 5% increase in damage for any member of the team to any enemy out of cover.

Vital Protection

Reduces the risk of taking a critical hit by 20%.

Crisis Response

Automatically refills all ammo when armor is reduced to 0.

Braced for Impact

Ignores explosions once every 60 seconds.


Increases LMG damage

Exclusive turret perk that can send a barrage of explosive damage from quite a distance.
Explosive Ordnance
Increases explosive damage.
Increases burn resistance by 20%.
Frag Grenades
Cause bleeding to enemies caught in the blast
X-Stat Armor Kit Supplementary
100% increased weapon handling in exchange for a delayed heal. 70% of armour is repaired straight away, while the other 30% won’t until after the handling boost has worn off.

Survivalist – Crossbow

This is a support specialization in Division 2 and does not do as much damage as the Shart Shooter or the Demolitionist. The specialization focuses on effects such as burn or dizziness. The survivalist has a crossbow that acts like a rifle but a grenade as well. You can shoot it at an enemy and do decent damage but you can also shoot it in the environment and it will explode like a grenade.

Survivalist - Crossbow

The following are some perks of the Survivalist in Division 2 that you should know about:

Survivalist Tactical Link

that gives the team a 10% damage boost against enemies who’re suffering from status effects.


Locate teammates and repair their armor over time.

Triage Specialist skill

Increases the amount of healing you do.

Distributed Repair skill.

Distributed Repair is the Survivalist’s equivalent to the X-Stat for the Demolitionist and Sharpshooter; armor kits will no longer provide instant heals but instead will heal both you and any teammate within a 10-meter range over a five-second duration.


Improved assault rifle damage.

Running the Gun

Increases shotgun damage.

Scraping By

Provides ammo regeneration for every second you’re moving from cover to cover.

Gunner – Machine Gun

The Gunner specialization has the mini gatling gun which can do a ton of DPS. The weapon turns your agent into a tank that can take out mobs of enemies without any issues. This is an ideal weapon for taking out bosses from close range.

Gunner - Machine Gun Division 2 Specialization
The following are the perks fo the specialization that you should know about:

Riot Foam Grenades

Riot Foam grenades explode and pop riot foam around them. Enemies that are caught in the foam will be stuck in place for a while. You can then use the machine gun to take them out all at once.


Sends a pulse that confuses enemies regardless of whether they are in cover or not.


It provides 5% armor on kill.

Hardened Armor

Armor kits provide 50% bonus armor on top of 100% armor repair for 10 seconds.

The Supply Line

Generates 10% of your total ammo every 60 seconds and gives teammates 5%

7.62 Minigun Ammo Acquisition

Adds three to the ammo bar (which equals approximately 75 bullets) on killing multiple enemies without releasing the minigun’s trigger.

Signature Weapon Damage

10% increased signature weapon damage per tier.

Technician – Missile Launcher

The technician is the new specialization introduced in episode 2 of The Division 2. This specialization uses the Multi Missile Launcher Signature Weapon. The Multi Missile Launcher fires a volley of homing missiles that seek their targets.

Technician - Missile Launcher Division 2 Specialization

The following are the perks of the Specialization that you should know about:

Artificer Hive

Buff friends in a variety of ways.

EMP Grenade

Damages and disorients enemies in the radius.

This is a relatively new specialization, so stay tuned for more updates.

That is all for our Division 2 specialization guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get the Diamondback exotic rifle.

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