Far Cry: New Dawn Wolf Hunting Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn Wolf Hunting Guide

Far Cry: New Dawn Wolf Hunting Location

Far Cry: New Dawn Wolf is a Rank 2 animal featured in Ubisoft’s latest first-person shooter video game release.

The Wolf in Far Cry: New Dawn is also one of the 25 animals required for the Master Skinner trophy/achievement.

A predator, the Wolf can prove difficult to hunt early in the game; even if it becomes available when you reach Prosperity.

The following videogame guide reveals the best hunting spots for Wolves; as well as the weapons you should use when trying to hunt them.

The Wolf’s Skin is an important trading material which can be exchanged for Titanium.

General Information

Animal Family: Canidae
Rank: II
Class: Mammals
Scientific Name: Canis Lupus
Huntable: Y
Skinnable: Y
Similar Animals: Wild Dog

Far Cry: New Dawn Wolf Location & Habitat

The Grey Wolf in Far Cry: New Dawn can be found south-west of The Refinery Outpost as pictured on our map.

This is one of the possible hunting spots, and we recommend it because while traveling to that area you can also complete the Target Practice Treasure Hunt.

Another location where you can hunt Wolves is several steps north-west from the Broken Forge Outpost. The said landmark is a fast-traveling point if you wish to play the Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt.

Recommended Hunting Weapon, Perks & Companions

The table below features the best Far Cry: New Dawn Weapons, Perks and Companions that will help you hunt Wolves faster.

Type: Name: How to Unlock:
Weapon Bow Craft at the workbench in Prosperity
Companion Timber Complete Man Eat Dog World Side Quest
Perks Tactical Binoculars Spend Perk Points
Outdoor Enthusiast
More Lung Capacity

Wolf Crafting Materials Trade Value

After you hunt a Wolf in Far Cry: New Dawn you obtain Crafting Materials and parts.

The following table shows their trade values and how to use them in the game.

Material: Trade Value/Piece:
Wolf Skin Titanium x 30

Hunting Tips

Even though it’s a fast animal, the Grey Wolf can be easily put down with a Bow. The key here is to remain unseen; meaning that you should use Timber and the Tactical Binoculars to track and tag nearby Wolves.

Once you have your target marked, remain crouched and approach slowly until you are close enough to release your arrow.

Because of its increased damage, the Bow is one of the recommended weapons when you try to hunt this animal.

Did you manage to hunt a Grey Wolf in Far Cry: New Dawn?

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