Devil May Cry 5 Hidden Weapons Locations

Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5: All Hidden Weapons Locations Guide

Devil May Cry 5 Hidden Weapons Locations

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) features 7 hidden or secret weapons you can collect while exploring Red Grave City in Capcom‘s latest video game release for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

However, unlike the collectibles included in the videogame (Blue Orb Fragments, Purple Orb Fragments or Secret Missions), these DMC 5 weapons can be unlocked at specific points in the game. All except for one.

Unlocking the hidden weapons and using the Red Orbs farming exploit, will give your characters immense powers, as these weapons can be upgraded. Especially when combined with the Infinite Devil Trigger bonus from the Super Costumes.

Since leveling up the weapons in Devil May Cry 5 requires Red Orbs (and a lot of them), you can see why the glitch above is so important.

In Devil May Cry 5, there are 7 hidden weapons you’ll be able to get by progressing through the game. Out of 7, only one must be found, the rest of them being unlocked automatically.

The list below reveals all these weapons, and how to obtain them.

Kalina Ann

Devil May Cry 5 Kalina Ann Secret Weapon Location

The first DMC5 secret weapon you can unlock is Kalina Ann.

“A missile launcher, named after Lady’s late mother. Fires an array of powerful shells.”

The Devil May Cry 5 Kalina Ann missile launcher must be found in Mission 11. After you complete Secret Mission 11 and collect the Blue Orb Fragment 22, you’ll find yourself in some ruins.

Here you’ll have to destroy some Blood Sacs. Check the location in the image below.

DMC5 Kalina Ann Weapon Location

After you destroy the sacs on the left side, head to the ramp on the right, then turn around and follow the platforms to reach the upper floor.

As you emerge from the ground in the floor, head forward through the arch gate, then drop down and follow the next passage. Make a left turn through the first door, to find a room with a globe on the left side (also pictured).

DMC 5 Kalina Ann Weapon Location

While standing next to this globe you should see some question marks. Here is the secret DMC5 weapon known as Kalina Ann.


Devil May Cry 5 Cavaliere Secret Weapon Location

The second secret weapon in Devil May Cry 5 is named Cavaliere.

“Parts of Cavaliere Angelo fused into a motorbike, creating twin blades wielded from the bike’s handlebars.”

This weapon is unlocked automatically by completing Mission 11 in the videogame.

Devil Sword Dante

DMC5 Devil Sword Dante Secret Weapon Location

Devil Sword Dante is the third hidden DMC5 weapon you’ll unlock.

“A blade born when Dante absorbed the Rebellion into his body. The weapon shares both his name and his will.”

Devil Sword Dante is also a reward in the game. You’ll obtain it once you finish Mission 12.

Dr. Faust

DMC5 Dr. Faust Secret Weapon LocationDr. Faust is a ranged weapon, and you should use it especially if you intend to farm Red Orbs using the glitch we have revealed above.

“A hat that consumes Red Orbs to launch special attacks. Earn tons of Red Orbs from foes if you don’t run out of your own first.”

DMC5 Dr. Faust is another weapon that is unlocked by progressing through the game’s story. You’ll get it at the end of Chapter 13.

King Cerberus

DMC5 King Cerberus Secret Weapon LocationThe King Cerberus in Devil May Cry 5, is the fifth hidden weapon.

“The power of King Cerberus dwells within this shape-shifting weapon, charging attacks with ice, fire, and lightning in each form.”

This unique weapon is unlocked by finishing Chapter 16.

Kalina Ann II

Devil May Cry 5 Kalina Ann 2 Hidden Weapon Location

A more powerful version of Kalina Ann, the DMC5 Kalina Ann II is the sixth secret weapon in the game.

“Nico made this replacement for the lost Kalina Ann. Identical to the original weapon, with a special something hidden within.”

You’ll be able to unlock this weapon at the start of Chapter 18.

Double Kalina Ann

Devil May Cry 5 Double Kalina Ann Hidden Weapon LocationThe Double Kalina Ann is the seventh and final secret Devil May Cry 5 weapon.

“A dual-wield of both Kalina Ann launchers, using a new function of Kalina Ann II to use both in tandem.”

Although you can unlock this weapon automatically when you start Mission 18, you won’t be able to obtain it unless you find the Kalina Ann in Mission 11.

This is a weapon which requires both Kalina Ann, so without one of them, this weapon doesn’t exist.

Make sure you replay Mission 11 and find the first Kalina Ann (in case you missed it), to be able to get the Double Kalina Ann.

Did you manage to unlock all weapons in Devil May Cry 5? Drop your questions in the comments section below.

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