Far Cry: New Dawn Bull Hunting Location

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry: New Dawn Bull Hunting Guide

Far Cry: New Dawn Bull Hunting Location

Far Cry: New Dawn Bull is a Rank 3 animal you must track and hunt in the video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The Bull in Far Cry: New Dawn is also amongst the 25 animals you must skin for the Master Skinner trophy/achievement.

Furthermore, the skin of this animal is an important source for Black Powder; hence our Far Cry: New Dawn game guide below explains where to find Wild Bulls and what weapon is the most effective when hunting them.

Before moving forward, you should also know that even if you don’t have a map for this animal; you can still go after it, the moment you reach Prosperity.

General Information

Animal Family: Bovidae
Rank: III
Class: Mammals
Scientific Name: Bos Taurus
Huntable: Y
Skinnable: Y
Similar Animals: Deer, Pronghorn, Elk, CaribouCattle, Bison, Moose

Far Cry: New Dawn Bull Location & Habitat

The Bull in Far Cry: New Dawn can be found northeast of Old Fang Farm, only several steps away from the area where you can hunt Cattles.

As you can see on our map below, the hunting spot is east of The Pantry Outpost; an important location in the video game.

This specific outpost is very helpful if you intend to complete all Treasure Hunts; as it is the best spot to fast travel while attempting Rescuers Go Under Treasure Hunt.

Far Cry: New Dawn Bull Location

Recommended Hunting Weapon, Perks & Companions

The table below features the best Far Cry: New Dawn Weapons, Perks and Companions that will help you hunt Bulls faster.

Type: Name: How to Unlock:
Weapon Space Force SA-50 Craft at the workbench in Prosperity
Companion Timber Complete Man Eat Dog World Side Quest
Perks Tactical Binoculars Spend Perk Points
Outdoor Enthusiast
More Lung Capacity

Wild Bull Crafting Materials Trade Value

After you hunt a Bull in Far Cry: New Dawn you obtain Crafting Materials and parts.

The following table shows their trade values and how to use them in the game.

Material: Trade Value/Piece:
Bull Skin Black Powder x 8

Hunting Tips

The Bull is a large mammal which is best killed with a sniper rifle.

Because of its rank (3), we suggest using the Space Force SA-50, although you can obviously try whatever weapon you like.

By using our recommended weapon and aiming for the animal’s head, you’ll most likely get a one-shot kill on any Wild Bull in FC: New Dawn.

Have you found a Wild Bull in Far Cry: New Dawn?

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