Devil May Cry 5: Infinite Red Orbs Farming Glitch

Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry 5: Infinite Red Orbs Farming Glitch

Devil May Cry 5: Infinite Red Orbs Farming Glitch

Now that you know the locations of all Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments in Devil May Cry 5, let’s see how you can cheat the videogame and how you can get unlimited Red Orbs, through a glitch or farming exploit that hopefully will not get patched by Capcom.

So, in order to do it, there are several aspects you have to be aware of.

The DMC5 Red Orbs are, as in all titles from Capcom’s popular video games series, the currency which allows you to upgrade weapons, buy full Blue Orbs, full Purple Orbs, and skills.

Getting all these will require a lot of DMC 5 Red Orbs, thus multiple playthroughs. In fact, you need millions of Red Orbs.

Luckily there is a way to farm Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5. Here is how you can do that.

Devil May Cry 5 Infinite Red Orbs Farming Exploit

The moment you get your copy of the videogame (PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC), you should try to focus on using this exploit, because the Red Orbs can be purchased in the video game, which means the developers might patch it.

So, start the game and focus on the story. Play it on Human Difficulty so you don’t have to struggle on dealing with the enemies; thus wasting time.

Step 1: Reach DMC5 Mission 13

Your first goal is to reach Chapter 13 out of 20.

Simply ignore the collectibles, and everything else. Get to Mission 13 as fast as possible.

Why Mission 13?

Because during this mission you’ll unlock a Secret Weapon named Dr. Faust. This is actually a ranged hat.

Step 2: Upgrade Dr. Faust

Once you get the said hat; you have to upgrade it to Level 4.

Assuming you don’t have the required number of Red Orbs, you can start with a lower level (2 or 3) and upgrade it later.

Step 3: Progress Through Mission 13 

Now, play this mission until you reach the final checkpoint.

At this point, you’ll find a Divinity Statue, then your path will take you through a hole where there are 4 Monster Nests.

Your goal here is to destroy 4 Blood Clots.

Step 4: Required Equipment

When you reach the farming point, equip Dr. Faust, enter the Ranged Stance by pressing left on your D-Pad, and lock on your enemies.

You can do that by pressing R1/RB.

Start attacking your enemies using O/B, and keep mashing the button until you clear the area.

DMC5 Red Orbs ExploitStep 5: Repeat

When the area is clear restart the checkpoint and you’ll return to the Divinity Statue. With the Red Orbs obtained keep upgrading Dr. Faust.

DMC5 Infinite Red Orbs Glitch Results

If you use this Devil May Cry 5 cheat; you’ll be able to farm around 5,000,000 Red Orbs per hour, if Dr. Faust is maxed out.

This weapon not only that absorbs Red Orbs but also increases the number of orbs you get from enemies.

Since you need 4 million Red Orbs to buy all Devil May Cry 5 skills if you manage to use this exploit you should be able to unlock all of them in 2 hours.

Remember that there are 3 characters in Devil May Cry 5, which means that you need a total of 12,000,000 Red Orbs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the Red Orbs and enjoy some high-style demon slaying.

You might also want to unlock the Hidden Super Costumes once you fully upgrade your characters. These unique outfits unlock Unlimited Devil Triggers.

Did you manage to use this Red Orbs farming method in Devil May Cry 5? Drop all your questions in the comments section below.

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