Devil may Cry 5 Blue Orbs Locations Guide

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Devil May Cry 5: All Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments Locations Guide

Devil may Cry 5 Blue Orbs Locations Guide

There are 32 Devil May Cry 5  Blue Orb Fragments and 6 Blue Orbs you can find and collect while playing the latest action-adventure title in Capcom‘s popular video games series.

The Blue Orbs in DMC5 are hidden collectibles which allow you to upgrade your character’s vitality or health gauge, thus making him much stronger and capable to absorb more damage.

Along with the Purple Orbs and Red Orbs, the Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments in Devil May Cry 5 also allow you to unlock a series of videogame trophies and achievements.

However, while you can use a simple exploit or glitch to get infinite DMC5 Red Orbs, the Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs must be found by visiting specific locations.

Unlike the DMC5 Secret Weapons and Super Costumes (that grant you Infinite Devil Triggers); you’ll have to do some exploration for these collectibles.

Our Devil May Cry 5 collectibles guide below explains where to find all Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments and how to unlock the Physical Perfection trophy/achievement.

Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orbs Locations

The Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orbs are easier to get as they can be purchased from the shop during the game. Not all of them can be purchased at once, and throughout the following guide, we’ll explain when to look for them.

Every full Blue Orb increases your character’s health bar by one unit. Since there are 6 Blue Orbs, it means that buying all of them increases your vitality bar by 6.

Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragments Locations

Additionally, there are 32 DMC 5 Blue Orb Fragments you must find. Every 4 fragments are turned into a full Blue Orb; meaning that by finding all of them you’ll be able to get 8 additional health bars.

By adding the 6 health bars you obtain from the full orbs and the 6 bars you get at the beginning of the game, it means that the maximum number of DMC5 health bars is 20.

Before moving forward with our Devil May Cry 5 collectibles guide for Blue Orbs, it’s also worth mentioning that not all missions feature this type of collectibles.

Finally, keep in mind that none of these collectibles are missable and you can replay each mission in the game from the main menu, in order to find them.

Mission 1

Since there are no Blue Orbs in the game’s prologue, we’ll start our DMC 5 collectibles guide with the first mission during which you’ll find your first Blue Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 1

Look for it the moment you reach the broken bridge/road. Once you jump down simply turn around to spot it on an upper ledge, close to the wall.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 1 LocationMission 2

When you start the second mission, you can access the shop to buy not one but six Blue Orbs.

After each purchase, the amount of Red Orbs you have to pay increases. As such, for the first full Blue Orb, you’ll have to pay 1500 Red Orbs, while for the sixth you need to have 40000 Red Orbs.

If you don’t have this amount of Red Orbs, don’t worry because you can also buy the Blue Orbs later in the game. Focus on finding the next Blue Orb Fragments.

Blue Orb Fragment 2

The second DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment is quite hard to find. Once you get the second Nidhogg Hatchling, two demons will spawn nearby. Both of them have scythes.

Instead of engaging them, you have to let the demons destroy the floor in the room nearby (with white furniture).

Notice that the floor is made of stone.

Now, kill both demons then drop through the hole and get the Blue Orb Fragment.

If by any chance you kill the demons before they make the hole in the floor, you’ll have to restart the mission.
DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 2 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 3

The third Blue Orb Fragment is a reward for completing the DMC5 Secret Mission 01. This mission is unlocked after you destroy the second barrier using a Nidhogg Hatchling.

Eventually, you’ll reach a bedroom (right side) and you’ll trigger a tutorial on the Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5.  To start the mission, face the painting on the wall near the door while standing next to the bed (pictured below).

Simply defeat the enemies in the next room and you’ll be rewarded another fragment.
DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 3 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 4

The fourth Blue Orb Fragment can be collected after you find the third Nidhogg Hatchling. The trick here is not to destroy the third barrier with the Nidhogg Hatchling.

Instead, after you pick it up, turn around towards the dead end and look for a Devil Breaker across the street on an elevated ledge.  Just above this ledge is a broken wall you can jump through to reach a hidden room (pictured below) where the fragment is hidden.

You can also return here after you defeat the two enemies waiting for you down the street.
DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 4 Location

Mission 3

While playing the third mission you can find 3 additional Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragments, one of them being the reward for completing the Secret Mission 02.

Blue Orb Fragment 5

When you start this chapter, you’ll eventually have to use the Grim Grip. The second time you do that, you’ll reach a roof and trigger a short cutscene showing Nero focused on a spire in the distance.

Immediately after this cutscene, turn right, jump over the next roof, and turn towards the direction you came from to spot the blue fragment near a ventilation system.
DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 5 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 6

This fragment is rewarded for completing the second secret mission. As you progress through the mission, you’ll have to destroy a series of large tentacles.

Once you destroy the third one, you’ll get inside a room with a very long staircase. Instead of going up, go down to reach a secret room with a red marker on the floor.

Now, look up while standing inside the small tunnel on the ground floor and you’ll see another marker on the ceiling which unlocks the secret mission.

Kill the enemies in the area before they escape to finish the secret mission and get the fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 6 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 7

After you get the previous fragment, follow the stairs all the way up and you’ll notice that you’ll reach a dead end. When at the top of the stairs, turn around and look up to see a platform.

Jump on it, and look up to the ceiling to spot a grappling point you can shoot. Now simply grapple there to enter a secret room where the Blue Fragment awaits.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 7 Location

Mission 4

The next 3 DMC 5 Blue Orb Fragments can be found in the fourth mission of the videogame.

Blue Orb Fragment 8

Play this mission until you reach a street and trigger a tutorial teaching you how to use the Shadow and Griffon Devil Trigger Buffs.

After this tutorial, press L1/LB to summon a Nightmare which comes to help you. Keep in mind that you need three devil trigger bars to do so.

When the Nightmare appears he’ll come to your aid through a building. After you clear the area, check the building to find the fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 8 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 9

The moment you pick the previous orb, go around the building from where the Nightmare appeared, and you’ll find a Nidhogg Hatchling in a hidden passage.

Take it, then return to the main area, and continue down the road to spot a barrier on the left side (pictured below). Close by you should see a white van.

Use the Nidhogg Hatchling to remove the barrier and get the fragment behind it.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 9 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 10

The final Blue Orb Fragment in Mission 4 of the video game, is rewarded for finishing the DMC5 Secret Mission 3.

After you get the previous fragment, continue down the street and several steps away you’ll find another Nidhogg barrier you must destroy. It should be on the left side.

To destroy this barrier, however, you’ll need to go all the way back to the train tracks at the beginning of the mission and get the Nidhogg Hatchling next to a Purple Orb Fragment. This fragment can’t be missed as it is part of the story. Nor the Nidhogg Hatchling which is close to it.

Now, head back to the barrier and destroy it to reveal a secret building. Continue to the top floor to start the secret level by locating the glowing red mark next to a broken window. Finish the secret mission to get the last Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragment in this mission.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 10 Location

Mission 5

While playing Devil May Cry 5 Mission 5 you’ll be able to find only 2 Blue Orb Fragments.

Blue Orb Fragment 11

The first Blue Fragment is very easy to locate. Simply follow the main path until you reach a large warehouse. Kill all enemies inside then drop down and immediately turn around.

You should see the fragment next to some barrels.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 11 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 12

To find the next Blue Orb Fragment collectible, you’ ll have to finish another Secret Mission. In the same warehouse as above, look for a container, the moment you drop down.

It’s in the room just before the one where you found the previous orb.

Investigate the yellow container (right side) and you’ll spot a red marker on the wall. If you summon the Nightmare, he’ll destroy the wall and you’ll be able to fight the enemies on the other side.

Move up following the stairs and when you reach the top look back. For this mission, you’ll have to kill all enemies without taking damage. As V you can mount the Nightmare using the Promotion Skill, thus you won’t take any damage.

Since the following two missions don’t include any collectibles, we’ll jump to the eight mission in the video-game.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 12 Location

Mission 8

In Devil May Cry 5 Mission 8, you can collect 3 additional Blue Orb Fragments to increase your character’s health gauge.

Blue Orb Fragment 13

The 13th fragment is easy to find but hard to get. Look for it after you get to the first Divinity Statue shop. The collectible is behind a pit with a large number of demons.

If by any chance you fall into the pit, the fragment disappears. Thus, you’ll need to use the Gerbera to dash through the air until you get on the platform with the fragment.

If you don’t have the Gerbera buy it from the Divinity Shop. Constantly press O/B to dash to the said platform.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 13 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 14

The next Blue Fragment is rewarded for finishing the DMC5 Secret Mission 5. Look for it when you reach the second lava wall. On the left side, you’ll see some ledges.

Hop on them and then jump on the platform that appears from the lava stream.

While standing on it, look for 2 moving grappling points you can use to reach the other side of the room. Now, go down and between two crystals you’ll notice the glowing marker.

Look on the ceiling to notice the Secret Mission marker.

Complete the mission without touching the ground and you’ll get the fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 14 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 15

After you complete the previous secret mission, continue down the path until you get to a Blood Stream. Go behind it and you’ll find a tentacle you can destroy.

Once you destroy it, return to the front of the stream (pictured) to get the fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 15 Location

Mission 9

DMC5 Mission 9 also featured 3 Blue Orb Fragments you can collect.

Blue Orb Fragment 16

The first Blue Orb Fragment is found in the area where you encounter a Demon Knight.

Before entering the caves, go left around the building to see the collectible behind some vines (pictured below).

While standing in front of the vines summon your Nightmare to destroy the Blood Clot.

Without the Blood Clot, the vines on the left side will die revealing the location of the Blue Orb Fragment collectible.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 16 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 17

The next Blue Orb Fragment is awarded for completing DMC5 Secret Mission 6.

After you get the previous collectible, while in the round area, hop on the upper ledge to find a glowing marker. While standing on it, look at the entrance (pictured below) to start the mission.

To finish this mission within the allotted time you need a lot of Devil Triggers. Basically, you’ll to use every resource such as your demons and the Nightmare to deal with the enemies on the other side.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 17 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 18

The final Blue Orb Fragment in this mission can be found after you exit the catacombs. As you advance you’ll reach a series of stone ledges (pictured).

Jump on them then turn the camera to your right to spot the collectible behind a vine. Quite easy to reach by double jumping.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 18 Location

Mission 10

In this mission, you’ll be able to find only two Blue Orb Fragments.

Blue Orb Fragment 19

The first Blue Fragment is easy to locate. Look for it after you reach a round area, with a gate that moves. Notice that the gate has some red teeth.

While standing below the gate is on the left while the collectible is on the right side (pictured).

To get it, go through the gate and follow the tunnel all the way to the fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 19 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 20

For the next Blue Orb Fragment, you have to complete Secret Mission 7. To access this mission, first, you need to reach another round hall with two moving gates. Both of them have teeth.

Once you clear the hall, while facing the path revealed after you kill the last enemy, head to the gate on the right. Continue to follow the tunnel and the stairs similar to the human ribs and you’ll reach another hall where you should see a glowing marker.

Step on it and look at the ceiling (pictured) to begin the secret mission.

To kill the Demon Witch, make sure you take out the scissors, then shoot her with your pistols.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 20 Location

Mission 11

In Chapter 11 of Devil May Cry 5, you’ll have to find 2 Blue Orb Fragments.

Blue Orb Fragment 21

The first one in this mission is rewarded for completing Secret Mission 8.

As you advance through this level, you’ll eventually reach some ruins. Here you must destroy 3 Blood Clots. The first one is in a hole inside a room with white and black squares on the floor.

After you destroy the Clot, you’ll trigger a small cutscene showing a building nearby move. Retrace your steps following the same path you used to get here and get to the top floor of the tower right behind you. Step on the glowing marker, and look forward, to start the mission, as pictured below.

To complete it, alternate your attacks or use the auto-assist to help you get an S-rank.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 21 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 22

Once you finish the secret mission, return to the area where you found the first Clot, and drop through the hole nearby.

On the lower level, there are two additional Blood Clots you have to destroy. One of them is near a pillar. Destroying this Clot unlocks a secret room just above it. Jump inside to find the Blue Orb Fragment collectible.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 22 Location

Mission 12

Just like in the previous chapter in Devil May Cry 5 Mission 12, you can find 2 Blue Orb Fragments.

Blue Orb Fragment 23

As part of this mission, you have to destroy 2 Blood Sacs. When you reach the second one, after you destroy it you’ll reveal an entrance just behind it.

Head inside then turn around and jump on the ledge above the entrance to get to a secret area where the fragment is located.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 23 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 24

The last Devil May Cry 5 Blue Orb Fragment in this mission is, as usual, found by completing Secret Mission 9.  After you fill a large statue with blood, drop inside the hole in front of it, then continue through the tunnels until you reach some stairs made of stone.

On top of them turn around, equip the Trickster Stance, and use the wall on the left side to jump to the other side. Now step on the glowing marker and turn to align the marking with the archway (as pictured).

To beat this mission, use the Cavaliere and regularly double-jump to stay in the air.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 24 Location

After you finish this Secret Mission, focus on playing Mission 13 as there are no collectibles to be found.

Mission 14

The 14th Chapter in DMC 5 includes 2 Blue Orb Fragments locations you should check.

Blue Orb Fragment 25

The first one is very easy to spot. When you start the mission, look on the right side to see it on top of a hill. To get there; however, may prove difficult.

Head to the hill near the one with the collectible and use the Griffon to glide towards the collectible. Additionally, you must press R1+O/RB+B to teleport to the fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 25 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 26

For this DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment, you have to beat Secret Mission 10. You can unlock it after you destroy the second Blood Clot with V.

During the next cutscene you should see a new path revealed; however, instead of following it, head to the dead end behind the Blod Clot to spot the glowing marker.

Turn around and align the sign while looking in the direction where the Blood Clot was formed (pictured).

After you start the Secret Mission you’ll notice that in order to get the fragment you have to reach it without touching the ground.

Use the Griffon Glide and combine it with a series of attacks and the teleport skill, then let go the moment you are above the Blue Orb.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 26 Location

Mission 15

3 Blue Orb Fragments can also be obtained in DMC5 Mission 15. Regardless of the path you choose during this mission, you’ll be able to collect all of them.

When you reach the very first Divinity Statue, go around it and follow the path down until you see a Punch Line on the ground.

Here’ you’ll trigger a cutscene showing 3 different paths you can take.

Blue Orb Fragment 27

From the current location, head left and you’ll see multiple ramps you have to climb. Use the Gerbera and air dash until you get on top of the corridor where you’ll locate the glowing marker on the ground.

Slightly look up to start the Secret Mission 11. To complete it, use the Gerbera to air dash from one platform to another until you get to the Blue Orb Fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 27 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 28

After you complete the secret mission, turn around and head left. The Blue Orb is right above you.

Again use the Gerbera to dash towards the platform in the picture below, then turn right and head up to get the collectible.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 28 Location

Blue Orb Fragment 29

After you reach the second Divinity Statue, continue down the hill until you enter a room with several demons. Once you kill them, you’ll unlock a pad on the ground.

Step on it, then use the grapple point above to get to an upper section. From here all you have to do is to follow the path above, keeping an eye on the left side where you should see a ledge.

Jump on it then turn left to spot the next Blue Orb Fragment.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 29 Location

Mission 16

In DMC 5 Mission 16 you can find 2 more Blue Orb Fragments.

Blue Orb Fragment 30

The next Blue Orb Fragment is probably the hardest to get. As you progress through this mission, after you drop the second long hole, you’ll reach an area where you’ll have to defeat two flying demons.

Once you do that, you have to be very careful because a new path opens. In the distance (pictured below) you should see a blue archway, and to get there you’ll have to jump on a stone platform. When you step on it, you should see it crumble.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 30 LocationSo act fast and use it only for several seconds to reach the said archway.

From here, keep following the tunnel, then keep dropping as much as possible. After you defeat a largely armored demon, you’ll have to go down even more.

At the very bottom is a tunnel where you should see the Blue Fragment (also pictured).

To get it, use demon form to fly over.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 30 Location 2

Blue Orb Fragment 31

For this Blue Orb Fragment, you have to restart the whole mission because you won’t be able to get to its location otherwise.

Your goal here is to reach the same crumbling platform as the one mentioned above, with the blue archway; but instead of jumping on it, you’ll have to drop down.

This time around, don’t drop all the way to the bottom. Jump from one platform to another until you see a platform with a large red tree on it. Like the one below.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 31Go through the tunnel behind it, and in the next room, jump on the ledge on the other side, then look below you to spot an entrance. Here you’ll find the glowing mark which allows you to access the last Secret Mission in DMC5.

Look towards the main tunnel while standing on the glowing marker, to start the mission.

The best way to complete the mission is to use Dr. Faust as well as the Gunslinger Stance.

Mission 18

Since Mission 17 doesn’t include any collectibles, you can find the final Blue Orb Fragment while playing Mission 18.

Blue Orb Fragment 32

After you beat Shadow look on the left side of the main area for 3 ledges. They can’t be missed because there are some flying bugs close to them.

Hop on these ledges to reach an upper platform (pictured below). Here, 3 additional demon bugs will spawn. When they do, make sure you kill them as fast as possible otherwise they will escape. If they do, you’ll miss the Blue Orb Fragment.

This collectible can be obtained only if you defeat all three demon bugs. Assuming you fail you’ll have to restart the whole mission.

DMC5 Blue Orb Fragment 32

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