DMC5 Super Dante Costume Location

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Devil May Cry 5: All Hidden Super Costumes Locations Guide

DMC5 Super Dante Costume Location

Devil May Cry 5, includes 3 Super Costumes you can unlock in order to activate the Infinite Devil Trigger feature which is very useful when attempting to beat the videogame on harder difficulty levels.

Because there are 3 playable characters in DMC5, Capcom added 3 Super Costumes, one for each of them.

These costumes can be unlocked under specific conditions, and they are available on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC).

Below we’ll explain how to activate the DMC5 Super Costumes, and how to use them in the game.

How to Unlock the Devil May Cry 5 Super Costumes

To be able to unlock the DMC 5 Super Costumes you’ll have to beat the video game on Dante Must Die difficulty, which is not an easy achievement.

Devil May Cry 5 Dante Must Die difficulty can be unlocked by completing the game on Son of Sparda; which believe it or not requires you to beat the game on Human or Devil Hunter difficulty.

Ok, so probably most of you think…why the hell should I do that?

Well, if you are a trophy hunter, all these requirements make some sense.

For example, during your first playthrough (on Human difficulty), you should try to find all Blue Orb Fragments, Purple Orb Fragments, and Secret Missions.

Additionally, you should also unlock all DMC5 Weapons and max out our characters using the Red Orbs Exploit we have discussed at game launch.

Finally, try to S-Rank all missions, because after you get the Super costumes, this will be impossible.

Once you unlock the Dante Must Die, beat the game again and you’ll be rewarded the Super Nero, Super V, and Super Dante outfits, below.

How to Use the DMC5 Super Costumes

DMC5 Super Nero Costume Location

Now that you know how to unlock the secret Devil May Cry 5 outfits, you might want to know what makes them so special and how to use them.

These costumes unlock the Infinite Devil Trigger feature, which is basically used for most skills and transformations.

Yes, it’s an impressive trait but it comes at a cost.

Every time you use the Super Costumes in Devil May Cry 5, you’ll receive an 80% rank penalty at the end of the mission.

In other words, your mission rank decreases by 80%, hence you won’t be able to S-Rank the missions.

If you wonder why should you use these costumes than the answer is simple. Because on Hell and Hell, you’ll most likely need the Infinite Devil Trigger to survive, but you don’t need to S-Rank the missions to unlock the corresponding achievement/trophy.

Equipping the Super Costumes in DMC5 is very easy after you unlock them.

At the start of each mission, you’ll be asked if you want to use the Original Costume or the Super V Original, Super Dante Original and Super Nero Original.

DMC5 Super V Costume Location

Did you manage to unlock the hidden Super Costumes Devil May Cry 5? Drop all your questions in the comments section below.

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