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Code Vein Gifts Guide: How To Acquire, Use And Transfer Gifts

Code Vein Gifts

Gifts are the abilities that you can use in Code Vein. Getting and using these abilities is important if you are going to survive in the game. In this Code Vein guide, we are going to walk you through how you can acquire gifts and use them.

How To Acquire Gifts And Use Them In Code Vein

As you progress through the game you will unlock gifts. These are special abilities that you can use in the game in order to survive. These can be active or passive. Gifts are tied to Blood Codes that you choose or have active.

Different Blood Codes offer different gifts. Gifts can be unlocked and learned as you progress through the game and unlock new Blood Codes. You can learn more about the Blood Codes in the game and the different gifts that they have to offer in our Code Vein Blood Codes guide.

In order to unlock a gift in the game, you need to head over to a mistle. Chose the rest option and select the Blood Code that you want to look at. This will show you the gifts that the Blood Code has to offer. You can then select the gift and unlock it with Haze. Different gifts will have different Haze requirements.

You can transfer a gift from one Blood Code to another and mix things up to create your own unique Blood Code. This means that you can have a custom Blood Code with the gifts that you want. In order to do that you need to master the gift that you want to transfer. In order to do that you will need to defeat enemies using the gift.

Note that if the enemies are lower leveled then killing them might not help you master that gift. If you have been killing plenty of enemies and have not mastered the gift yet then this is the issue.

This is what you need to know about gifts in Code Vein and how you can unlock them.

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