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Apex Legends Healing And Reviving Guide: How To Heal And Revive

Apex Legends Healing

One of the most important resources in Apex Legends is the health of your character. That is why healing and reviving is so important in Apex Legends. In this guide, we are going to go over how healing and reviving work in the game along with healing items that you need to know about.

How Healing And Reviving Work In Apex Legends

All the characters in the game have 100 health and no shield when they drop in the arena. The only way to increase your total health is by equipping Body Shields. These can be found scattered across the arena.

When players have a Body Shield, you will see up to four horizontal bars over their health bar. The Common Body Shield (White) grants two bars that are equal to 50 shields.  The Rare (Blue) ones grant three bars, which means 75 shield. The Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Golden) Body Shields grants four bars which translate to 100 shield.

Note that both Epic and Legendary Shields provide the same protection but the Legendary one comes with perks that can be very useful in combat. It is also worth noting that the damage that a player can inflict on shields and health are the same. Body Shields do not reduce the damage taken. They just increase the durability of the character.

Health and shields do not regenerate passively in Apex Legends. You will need items or abilities to refill your health or shield bars.

How Healing Works In Apex Legends

There are plenty of healing items that can help you regenerate health in the arena. You can move while you are healing but your movement speed is reduced. You will also be unable to perform other actions.

Syringes are common items that you can find in the game which heal 25 HP. Each one takes 5 seconds to use. Medkits are rare items that can heal up to 100 HP. These take 8 seconds to use.

Pheonix Kits are Epic items which provide not only 100 HP but 100 shield as well. These take 10 seconds to use.

Healing Items

Note that if you use an item to overheal, then the additional amount will be wasted and will not regenerate your shield. Pheonix Kits are the only items in the game that allow you to regenerate your shield and health.

How To Recover Shield In Apex Legends

Just like healing in Apex Legends, there are a couple of items that you can use to recover your shield. You can move while recovering your shield but your movement speed is decreased and you will not be able to perform any other action while healing.

Shield Cells are Common items that you can find in the arena. These recover 25 shield and take 3 seconds to use. Shield Batteries are Rare items that recover 100 shield and take 5 seconds to use.

Pheonix Kits are Epic items which provide not only 100 HP but 100 shield as well. These take 10 seconds to use.

Apex Legends Healing

Another quick way of recovering your shield is by getting a new one of the same tier. If you are wearing a damaged common shield then you will easily be able to find a new one in the arena. In some cases, it is easier to switch the Body Shield rather than having to replenish it.

It is worth noting that the Legendary Body Armor can fully replenish itself when the user executes an opponent. You should only do this when you know that nobody is around you. For more useful tips be sure to check out our tips and tricks guide.

Other Shields And Protections In Apex Legends

There are other protective items in the game that you can use that do not affect your health pools or shield values. Helmets can be equipped to reduce headshot damage.

If you have a common helmet then the damage is reduced by 30. If you have a rare helmet then the damage is reduced by 40. If you have an epic or legendary helmet then the damage is reduced by 50.

Knockdown shields come into play when your character is down. This means that these do not affect your health pool. They can be activated to protect yourself when down from 100 damage for common, 500 damage for rare and 750 damage for epic or legendary.

It is worth mentioning that while epic and legendary knock down shields provide the same level of protection, the legendary shield allows the user to revive automatically. Thus eliminating the need for relying on your teammates to revive you.

Gibraltar has a special shield that provides protection for 15 seconds. This ability does not affect the shield pool.

How To Revive A Downed Player

When a teammate is downed in Apex Legends, you can approach them and press the button that shows up on the screen. If you press this button for roughly 5 seconds without taking damage then the ally will come back.

If you fail to do so then the teammate will die. Once a teammate is dead, a crate will be left behind on the ground. You can approach it and interact with it to recover any items that you need. While doing so, you will also pick up the banner of the fallen player.

With this banner now in your possession, you need to find a Respawn Beacon. These are not marked on the map so you will have to find them in the arena. The locations are randomized so finding one is going to be a bit tricky.

Once you have found one you can approach it and place the Banner inside it to respawn the fallen teammate.

How To Self-Revive

Self-revive is only possible if you have the legendary Knockdown Shield. If you do then you will be able to revive yourself when you are down. Note that this item is pretty rare. If you do have one then you can get another chance of taking out your enemy.

legendary Knockdown Shield

This is how you can heal and revive in Apex Legends. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on picking the right Legend.

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