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Apex Legends Character Guide: Picking The Right Legend

Apex Legends Legend

Apex Legends is a battle-royale game and while the different legends have the same stats, they differ when it comes to abilities. In this Apex Legends characters guide, we are going to go over all the different Legends in the game. At the end of this guide, you will be able to pick the Legend which is right for you.

Picking The Right Legend In Apex Legends

The following are all the Legends in Apex Legends along with their abilities:


If you are wondering why Octane has no human legs, then the answer is that he lost them in a blast and had to replace them with robot ones. He is an adrenaline junkie and his speed is what gives him the advantage in the arena.

His passive ability is swift mend. This allows him to heal faster. His health regenerates over time as well. This makes him a very durable character. In addition to that, he can use unlimited stim in order to increase his speed for short intervals of time. This is at the expense of his health.

Octane can deploy jump pads to launch himself or teammates into the air for air shots or getting out of harms way. This is his ultimate ability.


Bloodhound is the only tracker in the game and that makes him very unique. His passive ability is tracker, which lets you see clues left behind by enemies. This helps in figuring out the location of the enemy.

His tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather allows you to see traps. His ultimate ability is Beast of the hunt. This gives Bloodhound increased speed while enhancing his senses. This can be used for surprise ambushes of quick getaways.

This is a well-rounded and offensive character. If you are new to the game then you should try playing Bloodhound. If you are new to the game then you can also check out our beginner’s guide.


Gibraltar is the biggest character in the game which means that he has the largest hitbox as well. But that does not mean that he is easy to take out. His passive ability is Gun Shield. This gives him a shield when aiming down sight. So if you are playing Gibraltar, then it is best to get scopes with your weapons.

His tactical ability is Dome of Protection. This shields Gibraltar and other Legends for 15 seconds. His ultimate ability is Defensive Bombardment. This calls an airstrike on any nearby marking that is thrown down. This character can be a bit tricky to master but once you have learned his abilities, it can be a lot of fun.

His defensive abilities make him a very durable character and he can be pretty hard to kill if the other team does not know what it is doing.


Lifeline is one of the healers of the game. If you play a hero main then other players are going to be glad to have you by their side. That is why a good Lifeline player is a sigh of relief. She also happens to be the youngest character in the game.

Her passive ability is Combat Medic which allows her to heal players. On top of that, she has a D.O.C Heal Drone recovers lost damage. Her ultimate calls down a care package that is full of high tier defensive armor.

Healing items work 25% faster for Lifeline which makes her very durable even though she is not a tanky character. Reviving knocked down enemies is faster for Lifeline too. Having Lifeline in your team can lead you to victory if you play your cards right.


As the name implies, this Legend is a scout. Pathfinder is great if you need to get out of tricky situations quick. He can use a grappling hook that can open up areas of the map which are not accessible otherwise. His ultimate ability is Zipline which allows players to traverse the map quickly. Just keep in mind that the zipline can be used by enemies as well.

Pathfinder is a great Legend to pick in Apex Legends if you like playing a sniper. His maneuverability and skill of outflanking foes is matched by few.


Wraith is quick and has the lowest hitbox in the game. She is also strong when it comes to attacks. Her ultimate move, Dimensional Rift, lets her teleport quickly out of danger by linking two portals.

Into the Void is her tactical move, which allows Wraith to reposition and recover when low on health or stuck in a tricky spot. Her passive ability, Voices from the Void, make you aware of any nearby danger. This can be very useful and you may never be caught off guard.

Wraith is ideal for ambushing the enemy. You can hide and attack players when they least expect it. New players might find this character a bit tricky. You will need some practice but it is worth the invested time.


Bangalore has a military background. She is quick and great at taking down enemies in close combat. Her tactical ability is Smoke Launcher. This is ideal for ambushing enemies or making a quick exit. Her passive ability, Double Time increases her sprint speed. This allows her to get in and out of fights quickly.

Her ultimate attack is Rolling Thunder. This calls down an artillery strike. It does have a long charge time but can easily take out groups of enemies. It pairs well with the Smoke Launcher.

If you are interested in getting up close and personal with the enemy in Apex Legends then Bangalore is the Legend that you want to play.


Caustic is the senior-most Legend in Apex Legends but he is no old man. He has plenty of gaseous weapons which make the scientist a tough enemy to take on. If you are a camper then Caustic is a character that you are going to love playing in Apex Legends.

His tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, lets you place six canisters before releasing poisonous gas when shot. This ultimate move, Nox Gas Grenade, covers the surrounding area with poisonous gas.

Any enemies that are in the gas will be visible to Caustic thanks to his passive ability, Nox Vision. When that happens, you can take down all the enemies that are in the gas.


Mirage uses decoys to confuse enemies. This is ideal for getting out of a fight or initiating one. His tactical ability is Psyche Out. This sends a decoy that runs towards wherever you are looking. This can confuse enemies as it is very lifelike.

His ultimate move is Vanishing Act. This deploys a couple of decoys while the real Mirage stays hidden under a cloak. The decoys stand in a circle and do not move.

Combining Vanishing Act with Wraith’s Dimension Rift can be a great way of escaping enemies if you are caught by surprise or need to get out of a tricky situation.


Wattson is the new Legend that was added in season 2 of Apex Legends. She is the only defensive character in the game that does not have fortified, which means that she gets normal incoming damage.

The electric barrier, Perimeter Security, ability pushes enemies into tight situations as it damages enemies that pass through it. For a short time, it will also stun and disorient enemies, leaving them open to incoming attacks. This is an ability that differentiates players that play this character well from those who do not.

It is worth mentioning that it takes quick thinking and a lot of micromanaging to make this ability work. That is why Wattson is not a Legend that we can recommend if you are new to Apex Legends.

Her passive ability is Sparks of Genius which turns any Ultimate Accelerant from the standard 20% recharge on your cooldown into an instant full charge ultimate. It also allows the tactical ability to recharge much faster when standing close to an interception pylon.

Interception Pylon is her ultimate move. This can be manually placed once activated. It projects a field which removes any grenades thrown in an area around it. This includes friendly grenades and ones from Bangalore and Gibraltar ultimates as well. This area will regenerate shields for you and your team. In short, this creates a safe zone for your team to heal and take out enemies that are nearby.


Crypto is the 11th and newest Legend that has been added to Apex Legends in season 3. His tactical ability is Surveillance Drone. The drone can find and ping enemies but can also do a couple of other things to like opening crates, finding loot, opening doors and grabbing banners.

Grabbing the banner with the drone is very safe. You do not have to risk yourself if your ally is down. You can send out the drone to get the banner and have it delivered to you. The drone is pretty fast so you can get the banner is no time. The drone can even be sent outside the ring, which is very useful if an ally gets knocked out outside the ring.

His passive ability is Neurolink which allows him to transfer the information that he gets from his drone to his teammates. It pings enemies through wall and doors which can be very useful when trying to ambush a squad which is unaware of your location.

His ultimate ability is Drone EMP. This EMP can be described as one of the best ultimates in the game. It can go through walls and destroy any defenses. It does 50 shield damage, destroys all traps and stuns all enemies in the area. Be advised that you can hit yourself and your team with the EMP as well. While it will not damage you, you and your team will be stunned.

These are all the Legends in Apex Legends. If you are new to the game then you can pick Lifeline, Pathfinder or Bloodhound.

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