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Apex Legends Wraith Guide: Abilities, Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends Wraith

Wraith is considered to be one of the many strongest all-around characters which are ideal for defensive and aggressive plays. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can play Wraith in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Wraith Guide

Wraith is one of the easiest to learn characters in Apex Legends. She is difficult to pin down and kill as she can avoid damage very easily. The following is what you need to know about this Legend:


Her passive ability is Voices from the Void. This ability warns her of the dangers that are approaching. She is also affected by Low Profile which increases incoming damage by 5%.

Her tactical ability is Into the Void. This is also called phasing as it sends Wraith into another dimension in which she can avoid all damage. It lasts for 3 seconds and has a 20-second cooldown.

Her ultimate ability is Dimensional Rift. This links to locations with a portal for 60 seconds. You can use it along with your team to teleport from point A to B. It lasts for 60 seconds and has a 180-second cooldown. Beware that enemies are able to use the portal as well.


  • Use the ping when your passive gives you warnings so that your squad knows what is going on. They cannot hear the voices like you can.
  • If you cannot hear the voices clearly then you can turn on the subtitles in the sound settings of the game.
  • The voices will tell you about the kind of danger as well. So be sure to pay attention.
  • There is a slight delay in pressing the button and phasing so be sure to get the hang of it and timing it right.
  • Phasing allows you to avoid taking any damage for 3 seconds. This includes ring damage as well.
  • You cannot enter a portal while you are phasing.
  • If you are slowed down then the effect will last even when phasing. You can phase before the stun takes effect to avoid it entirely.
  • Before placing the second portal, you can run, climb and slide but cannot shoot or interact with other objects.


With Wraith, you should play more aggressively as compared to other legends due to the phase ability that lets you get out of harm’s way for a short time.

You need to communicate your abilities to your team so that they know about the dangers that lie ahead. You can also plan ahead and decide where the portals need to be set.

While Wraith is great for solo plays, you should not neglect your team as other members of your squad are going to rely on you heavily.

As Wraith, be sure to chain abilities with other Legends in order to have a better chance of surviving the arena.

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