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Apex Legends Healing Items Guide: How To Regnerate Health And Shield

Apex Legends Healing Items

Just like in any other battle royale game, you need to keep your eye on your health in Apex Legends as well. In Apex Legends, not only do you have have a health bar but a shield bar as well. The health bar is affected once the shield is depleted. In this Apex Legends healing items guide, we are going to go over how you can regenerate your health and shield.

Apex Legends Healing Items

The following is what you need to know about the different healing items in the game:

Items To Recover Health And Shield

The following are the items that will regenerate your health and shield in the arena as well as some of their characteristics that you should know about:

Item (Rarity) Effect
Syringe (Common) 25 HP restored, 5 seconds used
Med Kit (Rare) 100 HP restored, 8 seconds used
Phoenix Kit (Epic) 100 HP and Shield restored, 10 seconds used
Shield Cell (Common) 25 Shield restored 3 seconds used
Shield Battery (Rare) 100 Shield restored, 5 seconds used
Ultimate Accelerant (Rare) 20% of Ultimate restored, 7 seconds used


If you have common or rare gear then rather than regenerating your shield, it is faster to change gear and use something of a similar or higher tier. The following is what you need to know about armor items in the game:

Shield Items Common Rare Epic Legendary
Body Shield 50 damage absorbed 75 damage absorbed 100 damage absorbed 100 damage absorbed; Finishers regenerate full shield
Helmet Damage received by Headshots is reduced by 30% Damage received by Headshots is reduced by 40% Damage received by Headshots is reduced by 50% Damage received by Headshots is reduced by 50%
Time duration for Tactical and Ultimate abilities is reduced.
Knockdown Shield 100 Damage blocked 250 Damage blocked 750 Damage blocked 750 Damage blocked; Resurrects automatically (only one time) when downed


That is everything that you need to know about the items in Apex Legends that can be used for healing health and recovering shield.

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