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Apex Legends Bangalore Guide: Abilities, Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the many Legends in Apex Legends that you can pick. Bangalore is one of the characters that we recommend if you are new to the game. She is easy to learn, very mobile and difficult to deal with. In this Apex Legends Bangalore guide, we are going to go over different aspects of the Legend including abilities, tips and tricks.

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide

The following is what you need to know about Bangalore in Apex Legends:


Bangalore is one of the toughest Legends in the game even though a couple of changes have been made in season 3 of Apex Legends. Her passive ability gives her increased mobility. This makes her difficult to pin down. +

Her Smoke Launcher gives her a way out of tricky situations. If you find yourself or your team outnumbered or in a corner then you can easily use this ability to make a quick escape. You should learn to use the Smoke Launcher whenever possible as it can be useful in all kinds of situations. You need to get creative with it.

Her ultimate ability calls down a missile strike on the marker. When it is paired with the Smoke Launcher, it can wipe out enemy squads quickly.


  • Bangalore does not need to get hit in order for the passive ability to be activated. Bullets just need to go close by in order for the increased speed to take effect. So keep moving.
  • The increased movement speed can be used defensively and aggressively. It is great in both situations.
  • You can bait the enemy into firing at you to activate the increased movement boost. Once it is active, you can use it to reposition and flank enemies.
  • Smoke walls last for 15 seconds and smoke explosions deal 10 damage if they hit an enemy.
  • Use digital threat sights in order to be able to look through your own smoke.
  • Combine Bangalore’s Tactical with Bloodhound’s Ultimate can be lethal for the enemy team.
  • Stick to the edge of your smoke rather than diving into it.
  • Bangalore’s ultimate should be used in defensive situations rather than offensive. That will differ depending on the situation that you are in but this is a general rule of thumb.
  • Do not use your ultimate without letting your team know what you are about to do.
  • If you want to use the ultimate offensively then you should do so at the start of the fight.


Now that you know some useful tips and what Bangalore is capable of in Apex Legends, how do you play this Legend?

Bangalore should be used to play aggressively. You should not be afraid of getting close to the enemy. Bangalore’s Passive and Tactical can be used for pushing and putting pressure on the enemy team.

When playing Bangalore try to use Shotguns and SMGs. An R-99 or a Peacekeeper are both great options.

You should use smoke as often as possible. Get used to using this ability whenever it is available and do not forget about it in fights. You can smoke when reviving, looting and attacking.

Bangalore can change the direction of the game completely but both Tactical and Ultimate abilities can hurt your squad so be sure to communicate what you are about to do so that your team can take precautionary measures.

That is all for our Apex Legends Bangalore Guide. If you are new to the game and want to know more then you can check out our beginner’s guide as well.

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