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Apex Legends User Reviews



My daughter loves this game…….BUT

Started off great when she started playing a little over a year ago. She was having a blast and making new gamer friends through it. I have spent a pretty penny on apex coins and whatever else she gets on it. Now it’s constantly glitching. Paring with players is not like it should be and a lot of the time she doesn’t get a partner even though there are hundreds of players waiting to be matched up ...[Read More]



This game is the best battle royale game, just a few issues

Ok first off let me tell you guys this is the best battle royale game by far I love how you can unlock different legends with paying each character has their own abiltys personally I love octane I love how they update the game a lot the finishing moves make in the best theirs only a few issues lemme tell you guys what first off  I would like fi you guys would make it a little bit easier to ea...[Read More]




This game is a pile of flaming shit, I have never had as many problems with a game as this, every time I attempt to play I will have graphic or audio glitches constantly, and 90% of the time it takes me half an hour to connect just to get to the pre game lobby. I’m just sat there pressing retry over and over again, id check the servers and my own connection and they will both be perfect but ...[Read More]



Apex Legends Solo, Duo, or Squad Modes

Please make this game where you can choose between solo, duo, or squads! This game would be 1000 times better that way.