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Apex Legends Caustic Guide: Tips, Tricks, Abilities

Apex Legends Caustic

Caustic was once one of the most underperforming characters in Apex Legends but much has changed since the game first came out. He has to be unlocked via Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, so keep that in mind. In this Apex Legends Caustic guide, we are going to go over the abilities of the Legend and give you some tips and tricks for playing him.

Apex Legends Caustic

Caustic uses poisonous gas to his advantage and all his abilities are related to this. The following is what you need to know about this legend.


His passive ability is Nox Vision. This allows Caustic to see enemies through gas. With fortified, incoming damage is reduced by 15% and you can immunity from gunfire slowdown.

His tactical ability is Nox Gas Trap. With this, you can drop canisters of Nox gas that release when shot or triggered by enemies. The gas duration is 12.5 second and the gas damage starts at 4, but one additional point is added per tick. The cooldown for the ability is 25 seconds.

His ultimate ability is Nox Gas Grenade. This covers an area with Nox gas. Damage is similar to the Nox Gas Trap but the duration is 20 seconds and there is a 2 minute charge time.


  • The highlighting effects of Nox vision only work when enemies are in the gas and taking damage. If they move out of the gas then they will not be highlighted.
  • Nox Vision works like Digital Threat sight attachment. So if you find it then you should give it to someone else.
  • You do not need to aim down sights for the highlighting effect to activate.
  • The main part of the Nox Gas Trap is bulletproof but you can shoot at the red section at the bottom to destroy it.
  • Take advantage of Nox Gas Traps early in the game when other players do not have weapons.
  • The damage of the gas increases the longer enemies stay in the gas.
  • You can use traps to block doors from opening.
  • Traps should be placed around corners or in bushes so they are not immediately visible to enemies.
  • Nox Gas Grenade damage and Nox Gas Trap damage do not stack.
  • Nox Gas Trap is excellent against an enemy with that has a Bangalore. If the enemy team is hiding in smoke throw the Gas Grenade in the smoke. You can them flush enemies out.


When playing Caustic in Apex Legends, you need to be aggressive. Caustic is vulnerable in the open so you should be close to the enemy when possible. Go for flanks and move the encounters into confined spaces.

Caustic is most powerful indoors, underground and in the final rings. So use that to your advantage. Skull Town and Slum Lakes are ideal if you are playing Caustic.

Use the gas to scare enemies. Even if they do not get hurt by it the gas can put a lot of pressure on the enemy team. Use the gas to slow the progress of the enemy team. This can be used if you are sandwiched between two teams.

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