Final Fantasy XIV Lore Could Go On For 10 Years Says Game Director

Final Fantasy XIV Lore

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion is coming later this year and game director Naoki Yoshida talked about the future of the game and mentioned that there is a lot that the team has in mind concerning the lore. Yoshida has dedicated his life to the game and it is interesting to hear the potential future of the game from him.

Naoki Yoshida mentioned that the team has so many ideas that the lore of the game could go on for another 10 years. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

Of course, there are limitations in the lore – we always have to think about the impact that the lore will have. But really, there’s so much that we have in mind that this could easily go on for another ten years, rest assured!

This does not mean that Final Fantasy XIV is going to be around that long but it is safe to stay that the franchise has been around for a very long time and with so many creative ideas and new announcements in the franchise, it is not going anywhere any time soon.

Shadowbringer turned out to be a major success and Yoshida talked about working not the new expansion and that it is going to be bigger than Shadowbringer in terms of story. The story is going to be 1.3 times more. That is great news for the players even though the upcoming expansion is coming later than expected.

We obviously support this and do not want the devs to release a half-baked game. Yoshida did touch on the upcoming expansion and mentioned the following regarding it:

When we are making an expansion, compared to a major update, there’s a clear difference in the amount of resources we can put into providing that climax. So I really wanted to do o proper job of giving an impactful climax to the sago in 6.0.

Let us know what you think about Final Fantasy XIV having enough lore for it to go on for 10 years. 

Source: Edge Magazine August 2021

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