Hideo Kojima Explains What Makes His Game So Different

Hideo Kojima Game

Hideo Kojima is working on putting together and refining Death Stranding as we speak. He commented on what makes A Hideo Kojima game a Hideo Kojima game and he mentioned that he takes part in all the aspects of making the game. That is what makes these games so different.

Hideo Kojima has made his name in the gaming industry and you can bet that Death Stranding will sell millions of copies even though people do not know what it is about. Here is what Hideo Kojima had to say regarding a game that has his name on it:

A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME means the declaration of me doing concept, produce, original story, script, setting, game design, casting, dealing, directing, difficulty adjustments, promoting, visual design, editing, supervising the merch. I don’t name this for titles that I don’t make original idea, game design or produce.

Essentially Hideo Kojima takes part in all the different parts of game development and promotion as well. That is what sets his games aside from those that do not have his name on it. Death Stranding is coming out on November 8, 2019. With the game so close to release, Kojima has been very vocal about the game.

Kojima talked about the game and how it is related to Trump, America and The European Union. He also mentioned that he does not fully understand the game. He also called out people that called the game a walking simulator and mentioned the following:

And now everyone will say, ‘Oh, it’s a walking simulator! It’s the same as when I first brought out a stealth game. If 100 people play it and 100 people say it’s fun, it means the genre or the game already exists. But this is a new genre – same as stealth the first time, there will be people who don’t get it. It will take time for the real evaluations to come in.

Let us know what you think about Death Stranding and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out.

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